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Disneyland paris in November - stuck on which hotel to choose

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itchyandscratchy Mon 31-Aug-09 15:50:36

Have decided to have a Fri-Sun break at DLP but have been going doolally trying to research which hotel to book, both on MN and tripadvisor - reviews are so varied for all of them.

We definitely want one inside the resort but am stuck between somewhere like the Cheyenne/Santa Fe (reviews for which vary between 'good basic and handy' to 'utter skank') or the Newport which lots of reviewers don't think is very good value for money. If we're paying for the Newport, it had better be worth the extra!

Basically, our dd2 will be 8 and just 4, we'll be walking as we've chucked the buggy now. My main concerns therefore are:

- I don't like grubby/skanky/shabby <fusspot>
- Distance for dds to walk from hotel to park, esp with dd2's little legs
- Breakfast scrums which have been described in lots of the reviews I've read. How can we avoid getting trampled on?!

Is it likely to be slightly better in Nov anyway, or will that be irrelevant with it being a weekend?

Amy tips gratefully received! I want to book it today.

vinblanc Mon 31-Aug-09 18:51:42

We have only been the one time to DLP and we stayed in the Newport.

It was fine but not fantastic. The place is huge and we had to walk a mile to get to our room. The room was well appointed and comfortable.

The restaurants are fine. I don't recall any scrums. It was all very civilised.

The swimming complex was busy with unruly kids.

It was a fair trek from the park, but then all the mid-price hotels are.

louii Mon 31-Aug-09 18:53:17

We are going to DLP the end of September and staying in the Cheyenne, so can report back grin

PestoSurfMonster Mon 31-Aug-09 18:57:29

Have also stayed in the Newport Bay Club. It was a 10 minute walk (beside the lake) to the entrance. Very pleasant stroll. It had a lovely big room, nice decor, disney tv in room, two large double beds.

It was busy at breakfast time, but not too bad. Disney characters sometimes wandering around the lobby, very nice swimming pool and overall I would recommend it. It is large, but I think all the Disney hotels are.

Bibithree Mon 31-Aug-09 19:00:48

We went in February with dd1 who was 4.4 and dts who were 20m. We stayed in the Cheyenne which was absolutely fine given that we only slept there. Rooms were small and a little shabby but not in any way dirty/grubby, just looked a little tired.
DD did the walk in and back on all 4 days without complaining once, even though it took about 15-20 mins - but on a frosty Feb morning a brisk walk after breakfast was actually quite pleasant.
Breakfast and evening mealtimes can be hectic and a bit overwhelming, sometimes with lots of queueing for the milk/coffee machines etc - lots and lots of people and not enough tables, so i'd advise going for bed and breakfast only and having your other meals away from the hotel. They are only buffet style anyway and the food is okay but not great; you only get value for money if you can eat LOADS.
I've also stayed at Sequoia Lodge which I think is a 3* (Cheyenne and Santa Fe being 2*) and it wasn't much better - more choice at breakfast if I remember rightly and a nicer foyer/restaurant to the hotel, but if you're only there for sleeping, nt worth paying the extra tbh.
We were up and out by 7:30 for breakfast and not coming back again until 8ish, so a "posher" hotel would have been a waste of money for us.

bluesky Mon 31-Aug-09 19:57:28

Definitely Newport.

itchyandscratchy Mon 31-Aug-09 23:59:54

Why bluesky? What was the decider?

Thanks for posts.

I've gone ahead and booked the Cheyenne based on the reviews on tripadvisor, although I could always upgrade if needs be. On the advice of posters there as well I've plumped for half-board which a lot of people said would be cheaper than having evening meals paid for separately. If I did upgrade to the Newport would that mean that the quality of breakfast and other meals would be better then?

Fluffypoms Tue 01-Sep-09 00:13:41

Stayed at cheyenne and newport and satnta fe.
and would definitely say Newport just feels/looks more lucurious where as cheyenne is very basic. Breakfast is pretty much the same Ie Buffet/continental but newport feels like hotel diner room cheyene could just be basic cafe? IMO.

Hope you have a fab time. smile

P.s weekends in park are mad busy as is their
"alton towers".

bluesky Tue 01-Sep-09 10:31:29

Newport just has more space both in bedrooms and eating areas.

Eating is more restuarant than school dining hall!

But if you want to save money, and to be honest you're not going to be in the room much then stay with Cheyenne.

We stayed at Santa Fe with toddler and 6 year old, and there was no floor space at all, so toddler (15 months) sat on bed with toys, with us on sitting on the edge to ensure he didn't fall off! You get two double beds.

Breakfast is pile of croissants, literally in bins, with cereal mountains in bins, long tressle type tables, HUGE HUGE room.

Also Newport Bay is much quicker to walk into the park!

Best top tip, is to book Character Breakfast, used to be at Mickey Cafe, just outside the park in Disney Parade or whatever it's called. It's easy walk from Newport, you get a great breakfast, ticket holders only, and you get about 5 characters who come up to your table for photos and to give autographs, it was great fun, and then meant we didn't have to stress too much in the park to queue for characters, or not quite get to them in time etc.

Also wrap up warm, as it is chilly autumn winter DLP, not alot of protection round there from winds and chill.

angel11 Fri 04-Sep-09 22:33:38

have been a number of times and stayed in various places to be honest u spend most of the time at park both cheynne and sante fe are fine but one has bunks and other double beds so depends on wether u want them sleeping together or not both about the same distance from park but if they are tired at night jump on free buses that run to all hotels expect ranch and disneyland hotel.
Newport has a swimming pool which is a plus ,weekend to get busy with day trippers as well midweek if u can do it is better as less queues.we are going end of sept but driving as no way was i flying with a 6.5month old too much kit
have fun

lulu41 Sat 05-Sep-09 17:50:56

went to the Newport in November 2 years ago it was a lovely hotel - rooms did seem a long way away ie they do stretch out a bit we ate in the restaurant one evening very nice and there was a kids menu - breakfast busy but not trampled on. swimming pool very busy but nice and clean. Go to the Newport not to far from park have a great time

Soups Mon 07-Sep-09 11:17:55

We went to Santa Fe in the summer hols and it was fine! There was a bit of peeling wallpaper in the hall but our room was spotless. Not the largest room in the world but we were hardly in it.

Considering the time of year, we didn't get any hideous waits at breakfast either. We made full use of the Extra Early Hours and arrived at breakfast at 7pm when it opened. By the time we'd finished it was very busy but it could've been worse.

We used half board vouchers and ate in the park, so don't know what the evening meal was like there.

We didn't walk and got the bus, they were frequent and only once was it packed.

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