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travelling alone with 14mo, any tips?

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hairymelons Mon 31-Aug-09 09:14:30

Flying this afternoon and I have visions of a shouty, wriggly toddler...
I'm flying Ryandespair so can only take our case- we've got crayons and a book packed so far. Any ideas?

nicm Mon 31-Aug-09 10:20:29

ds (16 months) wasn't too bad when i flew earlier in the month. flight was an hour 15 mins and on the way there he slept after take off and on the way home he wriggled a good bit but didn't get up. i got him to look out the window, reading the in flight magazine, got him a toastie-distracted him for a while. wasn't too bad-was dreading it as it was the first he had been on the plane from he could walk and i was taking him on my own!! but it wasn't as bad as i'd imagined. have fun xo

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