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Disney Land / Walt Disney World Resort

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twopeople Sun 30-Aug-09 19:22:40

Message withdrawn

Kbear Sun 30-Aug-09 19:25:12

one word.... F L O R I D A

look on the Virgin holidays website, Thomson etc.

LadyMuck Sun 30-Aug-09 19:41:06

It depends in part on what time of year you are going. Florida is more expensive overall, but 2 weeks in Florida is not much more expensive than one week. And on a per day basis Florida is likely to be cheaper.

There is so much more to do in Florida, and I think that the American experience is a more authentic one.

Kbear Sun 30-Aug-09 21:24:05

and the food is great, the weather is great, the people are friendly, you get a good exchange rate, fantastic value for money
and you will enjoy every single second!

can't say any of the above for France really!

twopeople Mon 31-Aug-09 09:06:41

Message withdrawn

Kbear Mon 31-Aug-09 09:39:30

In paris it will rain, the people will not queue in an orderly fashion, they will not say "hi how are you today" and pretend to care!, the food will be extortionately expensive. Your DD will not care about the differences but you will think "holy crapola, how much money did I spend?" whereas you will come home from Florida feeling like people did care whether you enjoyed your vacation, you will still have change in your purse, you will have eaten more than you have in your whole life, you will have a suntan and I bet your bottom dollar you won't have spent half as much money.

Are you not convinced yet????? LOL

LadyMuck Mon 31-Aug-09 10:33:02

Well mine were a little younger when we first did Florida (nearly 4 and just 6), and it was magical - they thought that they were meeting the real characters for example. They went to Paris 6 months later and the bubble was burst as the characters had different names and spoke different languages.

I don't think that the continental queuing issues are that pronounced in Paris these days. The park has proper queues for most things including character photos.

In terms of idea of costs: if you plan in advance you can get Eurostar tickets for £59 or so each. Explorers hotel for 2 nights plus park tickets would cost £385. There are food options to fit every budget, but I think it is worth doing a character meal or two (I'd recommend Chef Mickey as they have loads of characters). You will get stung for toys or momentos too. I'd budget £50-£100 a day for food, to include a character meal and some shopping.

Now this isn't necessarily the cheapest that you can do it for, but just an example of what it would cost me. I have also stayed in the equivalent of travelodge a few train stops from the park for 30 euros per night for a room for 3 of us, and eaten outside of the park. Equally we've enjoyed dining at the disneyland hotel (worth noting that you don't have to be staying there in order to book a meal!).

We're back to Florida next year at Easter, which is pretty much peak time. Direct flights were costing the range £650-750, so we're flying indirect for £303. Car hire is £150 for a fortnight. Villa is £500 per week. (A hotel with transport laid on may be cheaper for you if there are just 2 of you -!A0!6${FF}!R0100030001010007100010001!D0!4${FF}" REL="nofollow" >this one would cost £500 for a fortnight). Disney park tickets approx £200 each. We will also buy tickets for some of the other attractions. In Florida park tickets make up a lot of the budget ime, but you can easily spend 2 weeks just in disney as there are 4 themeparks, 2 water parks etc.

The reason that I find it difficult to compare is that Paris isn't the most child friendly city, and so you end up just going to a long weekend to Disneyland Paris for say £700-£1,000, whereas by going to Florida you are taking a 2 week holiday for £2,500-£3,000.

LadyMuck Mon 31-Aug-09 10:35:28

Hmm, my link didn't work. I had looked at April date for the Clarion hotel and waterpark and it was coming up at £464 for 2 weeks for 1 ad 1 ch. Hotel does transport to Disney parks.

Polgara2 Mon 31-Aug-09 10:47:01

Sorry to hijack but Ladymuck I have just started a thread re flights to florida
- where did you book your flights for £303 and who are they with?

Polgara2 Mon 31-Aug-09 10:50:05

Oops so excited at those prices forgot to post for OP blush

We went to Paris 2 years ago. It was great dc thoroughly enjoyed it and it was a good prelude to florida I feel. We stayed for 5 nights for about £1000. Booked easyjet flights and stayed at Holiday Inn. Easy, free shuttle to the park from there.

mumoverseas Mon 31-Aug-09 16:53:23

agree with Kbear. Has to be Florida (assuming at least 10 days as not worth going for less in my opinion)
We've gone to Florida nearly every year for the past 16 years and went to Disneyland Paris this summer and it was very disappointing. Everything was so expensive there (obviously exchange rate didn't help) and I think it would have actually worked out cheaper to go to the states.

Flight costs will depend on time of year, easter tends to be more expensive than other times.

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