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Haven at Caister

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DaddyCool Tue 31-May-05 12:27:28

Just got back. Not really our style but we wanted ds to have a good time and a few days away from home.

i was quite pleasantly surprised. We got a really cheap last minute deal on a 'gold' caravan and half board. We had a really good time and ds absolutely loved it. the food wasn't exactly gordon ramsey but not terrible and plently of it. the caravan was impressive. it had all the mod cons, very clean and even a en-suite bathroom on the master bedroom! i couldn't believe how much they can pack into those metal boxes. I said that when dw eventually kicks my arse out of the house , i'll get one of those to live in!

anyone else been to this Haven? There are only three half board ones out of the 18 in the country and this is one of them. I think i'll try it again but maybe go to the one in north wales Haf Y Mor i think its called.

moozoboozo Tue 31-May-05 12:32:47

I went there when I was 18 with some friends. We had a brill time. There is loads to do for kiddies. We stayed in a sort of two storey house thing. Are they still there? We used to spend every night in the Bull and Bush (is it still there?) with lots of old folk playing bingo, and I spent a fortune on the donkey derby.

MarsLady Tue 31-May-05 12:39:04

the only time Caister ever came up in my misspent youth were soul weekenders. Now my life is salsa weekenders. lol

Pacific Tue 31-May-05 12:39:32

DC, Hafan y Mor is lovely too. We went there for several years and have been twice to Caister. I liked the half board option as it meant I had a holiday too. Agree with you about the had a certain 'school dinner' quality to it but perfectly adequate.

Haven't been to Ayr.....too scared in case we met anyone we knew! My snobbish tendencies you see....

KathH Tue 31-May-05 13:32:49

we've been twice - once on a Sun £9.50 holiday and last year on a half price holiday in May and yep, the Caravans are lovely (i was really surprised). I was a bit gutted as really wanted to stay in a Rory caravan but dh and dd1 refused. Going to Devon Cliffs later in the summer.

DaddyCool Tue 31-May-05 13:59:55

i didn't see the two story houses moozoboozo but the little 3* chalets looked a little grim.

i'll keep my eyes open for hafan y mor deals.

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