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Anyone used a Travelex card? Good or bad experience?

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SweetApril Sat 29-Aug-09 11:51:30


Just went to make enquiries about getting euros for my hols and lovely lady (in Tescos) recommended a Travelex card. She seemed to think it was a marvellous thing.

Has anyone got any experience of using one of these? I can see the plus points of safety and avoiding bank charges but I do feel slightly wary of handing over a large sum of cash to have it "put" on a piece of plastic. Am a bit worried what will happen if I can't access the money for some reason (maybe a faulty card or whatever). Will be going to a fairly quiet resort with only one ATM. Essentially I will have to empty my bank account to put the money on the Travelex card so I wouldn't not have my bank account as backup, IYSWIM.


SweetApril Sat 29-Aug-09 19:46:05

Bump. And that should say I would NOT have my bank a/c as backup... smile

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