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bea Mon 30-May-05 23:03:13

help! may have left it too late... due to dh dithering about... we're looking for a self catering cottage in snowdonia for a 3 night break in august... looked on the rural retreats site and the ones i liked before are all booked up now... any ideas for website for lovely cottages in snowdonia?


sparklymieow Mon 30-May-05 23:05:36

my aunt has a B&B and cottage in Snowdonia let me see if I can remember the website.....

sparklymieow Mon 30-May-05 23:11:30

seems the web page is down, but I have her phone number...01286-870008

lapsedrunner Tue 31-May-05 06:43:50

No right in Snowdonia but close, fantastic for children and with great beaches nearby, have a look at

bea Wed 01-Jun-05 08:15:40

thanks all... still dithering about whther we can go or not... dh has to sort out work dates... grrr.... will keep looking when more sure about dates!

good old mumsnet!

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