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Can anyone recommend somewhere for Xmas?

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dyzzidi Wed 26-Aug-09 22:57:54

Me, DH and 3 year old DD are giving the family hassle a miss this year and are thinking of getting away. We don't mind either UK or oversea and we have a budget of about £700 - £1000. We want to be away for Christmas don't mind about new year and can go from 19th December. Has anyone been away and could any of you recommend somewhere.

leisurely Thu 27-Aug-09 08:47:35

Not sure of costs in UK, but have you considered Switzerland? Depending on where you live you can fly to Zurich/Basel/Geneva and be virtually guaranteed snow. Staying in an IBIS shouldn't be too expensive. One thing I'd mention though, make sure you take the christmas presents with you. One year we went to Dubai, and left the case with girly's stuff in it. She knew that Fr Xmas wouldn't forget her even though she was away. Christmas eve meant a 6 hour round journey for Mr L to retrieve suitcase. She didn't notice, she was asleep.

veryconfusedandupset Sun 04-Oct-09 12:19:27

A few years back we stayed in a house called "Badgers" let by "Forgotten Houses" in Cornwall. All their houses are ancient and interesting. Badgers was near kConstantine and was within walking distance of an excellent pub and a creek. On christmas day we went paddling in the sea in our wellies with our 2 dogs - it was lovely.
Quite stress free as just got packet Christmas food from Asda on way down.

porcupine11 Sun 04-Oct-09 12:34:16

We went to Morocco for Christmas two years ago - fantastic as warm and nothing interrupted by Christmas as it would be in Europe. No sign of Christmas, just what we wanted. It would be so much fun for your DD as well - could do souks of Marrakesh and then head to a beach town.

Desperately want to go away again but now we have baby DS and DH wants to do traditional thing with his parents (yawn)

laurawaterford Sun 04-Oct-09 22:58:30

Canarys is always warm if your want good weather

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