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Will travel cot count as part of baggage allowance?

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SweetApril Wed 26-Aug-09 17:29:30

Just wondering if I might get away with taking a bog-standard (ie heavy) travel cot and not have to include it as part of the baggage allowance. Anyone got any experience of this? I will be taking a car seat and buggy as well.

I've tried phoning the airline (Aegean) but I can't make the lovely Greek staff understand what I mean! There will be 3 of us travelling so 20kg each but I'll be gutted if I scrimp on the packing only to find that the cot isn't included IYSWIM!

DidEinsteinsMum Wed 26-Aug-09 17:35:21

It depends on the air line. when i flew at easter the buggy counted as part of the the luggage allowance. Anything else i believe also counted. If you are not booked thro a travel agents it might be worth while to still ask one (eg tomas cook or an independant who might be able to get you a clearer answer. SOrry it probably wasnt what you wanted to heear though.

Also forgive typos can be bother to correct should be concentrating on something else. and not here winkgrin

vinblanc Wed 26-Aug-09 18:08:21

I think these things are all airline-dependent.

If it were BA, a child is entitled to a suitcase, carseat and stroller. There is no entitlement to a travel cot.

However, there is no reason why a travel cot could not replace one of your suitcases as long as it was within the maximum dimensions of a suitcase.

We took camping equipment on holiday and had no trouble checking tents, which look very much like a travel cot when packed.

We had 23kg allowance per case, and found that our standard sized suitcases weighed a max of 15kg each, and we had loads of clothes with us (much of which was completely unworn).

If you are determined to take a travel cot, I'm sure you could manage the clothes for the three of you in 2 20-kg cases. Or you could pay for excess baggage.

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