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What happens to your babies routines on holidays??

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ChocOrange05 Tue 25-Aug-09 09:51:15

DS is 9mo and this is our first family holiday, we are very much in a routine with DS, loosely following the GF feed/sleep times. Luckily for us DS goes to bed very easily at 6.30/7pm and has 2 naps in the day in his cot.

I am wondering what do other people do wrt being on holiday and going out in the evening - as I understand it, babies need about 12 hours sleep so how could I take DS out in the evening (for example till 9/10pm) without upsetting his sleep needs and would he last that long if his last nap ended at 3pm as usual.

Thanks in advance, sorry if it seems like a silly question but I am just wondering whether we should stick to DS's routine or if we can tweak it a bit to have a few family nights out?

MrsBadger Tue 25-Aug-09 10:08:34

we never had such strict routines with dd - be prepared to be flexible when you are away else you and DH will get nothing done. (this may not matter if you plan to do nothing but laze by the pool)

but generally you put him in his pjs and put him to bed in the pram at his normal time then wheel him out to the restaurant or wherever.

and daytime naps may happen in the pushchair / car etc - you can always transfer to the cot when you get back to the hotel

ChopsTheDuck Tue 25-Aug-09 10:21:04

we've always jsut had different routines on holiday, let the kids fall into what suits them best. When we first went we found that leaving dinner time too late didn't suit the babies, so we fed them then went out. They slept when and where they wanted to. Usually found the afternoon nap got a lot longer to make up for not going to bed until late.

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