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Travelling on Eurostar with 1 month old baby...any advice/experience ?

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MamanFlo Sun 29-May-05 23:23:38

Hi Mums

next week I will be travelling to Paris on Eurostar with my 1 month old baby daughter. I qill be on my own.

Do you have any similar experience and advice to make this trip smooth and nice ?

Many thanks !


milward Sun 29-May-05 23:33:07

Use a babysling as it's easy to manage getting on & off if you have a heavy bag & pushchair/pram. I've travelled first class on eurostar - very nice as lots of room. Other passengers tend to move to seats further away - didn't mind this at all. Once sat in front of two women who worked for a bank who said loudly that they didn't know that children were allowed in that carriage. Really rude & awful. I wanted my little one to shout loudly the whole trip but she slept & breastfed quietly. Nappies were fine - I just changed them quickly on my lap.

stitch Sun 29-May-05 23:37:09

travelled with six week old to paris a few years ago.
i think the harder part was getting to the train station. eurostar itself was a doddle. had pushchair with me, and breastfed when needed. nappy changing place near my seat. excellent really.
will someone be picking you up there? also, if you can get someone to drop you off at the station, andthen get staff to help you with luggage would be a good idea.
dobt forget babies passport!!!!! they might not let you back into the uk without it.

MamanFlo Sun 29-May-05 23:46:53

I will have to travel with pram, as I need sth to have let my DS sleep in whilst I will be in job interviews (true !) (but it's a micralite, and it should be not too difficult) .

I have arranged minicab and taxi to get to the station and leave gare du nord, so that's sorted.

About passport, we have it but DS has my partner surname... do you think it will be a problem as we don't have the same surnames ?

thanks for your help !!!


stitch Sun 29-May-05 23:48:53

no, dont see why surname should be a problem.
good luck with the job interview.
very brave woman!

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