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Holiday Places in Ireland

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jampots Sat 28-May-05 18:39:35

We are thinking of going to Ireland on hols but dont know where to go. We will need to take in a day or so in Kildare and Cavan as there's a couple of things we need to sort out so probably east coast would be best. Can anyone recommend somewhere closish to city/large town but coastal and good for the children (not excessive walking). Also best site for cheapest ferry crossings! TIA

jampots Sun 29-May-05 11:37:54

a "top of the morning" bump

zaphod Sun 29-May-05 11:58:32

What sort of accomodation were you looking for?, has all sorts of accomodation, and you can search by county. Also, try the Irish Ferries website, sometimes they have special offers. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but live on the West coast, and tend to holiday in the South.

jampots Sun 29-May-05 12:02:28

thanks Zaphod. I just wondered if anyone had any recommendations as quite often we've been stung by looking through brochures before . Where would you recommend in the South as we could probably visit Cavan/Kildare on the way through or at the end of our hols

zaphod Sun 29-May-05 12:11:13

We normally go to a place in Cork City, called Brookfield. It has self-catering houses and apartments set in the grounds of a hotel and leisure centre, with a kids club, and full use of the facilities. Because it is in the city, there is heaps to do, and you are close to Fota wildlife park, and Cobh, and tons of other touristy stuff as well. is the website.

We are going to Presthaven, in Wales this year, and tbh I'm sorry I gave the children a choice, because I LOVE Brookfield, as it is so relaxed.

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