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tunisia in august

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riohound Sat 28-May-05 14:59:21

thinking of going to tunisia with my 13 month old son in august but worried about the weather as it will be mega hot.anybody got any experience of tunisia in august?

jessicasmummy Sat 28-May-05 15:00:42

no experience, but i would avoid.... FAR too hot for a little one - just my opinion....

Yorkiegirl Sat 28-May-05 15:21:01

Message withdrawn

SenoraPostrophe Sat 28-May-05 15:22:48

you're kidding. It's too hot here in aug to do anything and we're about 300 miles north (though admitedly higher up)

Chandra Sat 28-May-05 15:58:41

Well, don't know really as I have never been there but... I grew up in a city in the middle of a desert that has 45 degres average temp during the summer and this is what you can expect:

-You can get a blister if you accidentally sit in a coin (the ones that always seem to appear on the car seat). Loose metal jewerly that gets sporadically in contact with your skin will aslo be pipping hot.

-The air is so dry that the little veins in your nose break up, so as a child, the cotton ball in the nose is a summer accessory.

-You can't be walking under the sun for a considerable time without fainting.

-You end up with a terrible cold from getting form the hot exteriors into the freezing interiors of hotels, restaurants and shops.

-You are restricted to walk around only very early in the morning or once the sun is setting down.

Don't know if this would help but I guess it would be more or less the same...

morocco Sat 28-May-05 16:18:41

sorry - I'd avoid it too, especially with a little one (in case of heat exhaustion/dehydration). Also, it wouldn't be that much fun if you had to spend most of the day under the air con in the hotel or shopping malls unless that is your thing, in which case somehwere like Dubai might be better for the shopping opportunities.
I've never been to tunisia at all but plenty of other hot places, and with kids too. It makes me too uptight to enjoy the holiday. Are you a sunshine person?

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