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How far have you/would you travel with baby?

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ash6605 Wed 19-Aug-09 13:19:00

I'm currently 14 weeks pregnant with dc3,due mid february(also have ds age 10 and dd age 6)

We normally go abroad for a week in Aug/sept but im reluctant to go at that time next year with a small baby so thought we would go instead in the October holiday when baby will be around 8 months.

I have never been abroad with dcs that young and not sure where to go,dont want to travel too far but still want it to be fairly warm.Can anyone reccomend any baby freindly places? I know its a bit early to be planning next years holiday but we usually book a year in advance to allow plenty of time to save.

squeaver Wed 19-Aug-09 13:22:07

Honestly - in many ways - the smaller they are, the easier it is to travel with them. Especially if you're still breast feeding.

Anyway, for October how about somewhere like Cyprus or Crete where it will still be warm. I've never been, but someone recommended Croatia to me the other day.

squeaver Wed 19-Aug-09 13:23:03

Bugger - just realised you have other dcs. Ignore the first sentence of your post. Ignore the beginning bit of mine.

KEAWYED Wed 19-Aug-09 13:24:11

I took DS2 to spain for 2 weeks when he was 12 weeks old.

DS1 was 3 and a half.

It was BRILLIANT. I got so worked up about travelling with such a young child.

I would do it with DS3 whos 14 weeks now but I dont think I'd cope on the plane with ds2 who in now 2 and a half.

The heat really agreed with him, you don't have to chase after them, they sleep a lot and people abroad are more accepting of children in restaurants etc.

LilRedWG Wed 19-Aug-09 13:24:35

Sofitel Taba Heights hotel in Egypt. Can't rate it enough.

Rebeccaj Wed 19-Aug-09 17:06:25

We took our daughter to Antigua when she was 4 months, it was absolutely fine. We stayed with Sunsail who were all set up for small children - cots, baby room with sterilisers etc, and did childcare from 4 months so I even got a couple of hours of reading on the beach in!

FiveGoMadInDorset Wed 19-Aug-09 17:13:52

We did Sunsail Antigua aswell with 2.8 and 5 month old, childcare was fab.

gypsymoon Wed 19-Aug-09 17:22:51

aaagh! travelled with 6 week old to Thailand....huge mistake! She got thrush, so I got thrush (because I bf) - we were hot and uncomfortable.

Having said that,travelled to Australia and back without DH when DD1 was 2.5 and DD2 was 6 months old. Exhausting but not as bad as I thought it would be.

ash6605 Mon 24-Aug-09 11:57:32

thanks for all replies,we are thinking somewhere like cyprus or greece would be a good idea. I will (hopefully if all goes to plan)be breastfeeding so that should make things a bit easier,but i will be scouring mumsnet closer to the time for other tips such as what to pack etc. Thanks again

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