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Filey (near Scarborough) or North Wales for a cheapie seaside holiday?

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colette Fri 27-May-05 16:09:22

We have decided to book a week in July for a self catering british beach holiday and have got brochures from both places( I haven't even worked out exactly where in North Wales yet)
I would be really grateful if anyone can tell me which coastal resort in north wales is best and why? and if you have been to Scarborough or nearby what you thought of it.
I really want to get something booked as everywhere is almost booked up, but can't decide which is the best place.

colette Fri 27-May-05 20:56:02

Anyone been?

Newbarnsleygirl Fri 27-May-05 20:57:41

Scarborough is fab. I love it.

How old are your kids?

jangly Fri 27-May-05 21:01:43

Benllech, Angelsey is absolutely perfect. Clean, safe sandy beach, never too crowded, nice countryside around it too.

colette Fri 27-May-05 21:04:41

Thanks for the replies
Newbarnsleygirl dd is 6 and ds will be just 2. Jangly I will look for Benllech in the brochure.

Newbarnsleygirl Fri 27-May-05 21:08:03

Well theres some places for the kids like the Sealife Centre, Peasholme park which has quite a few events in the summer and you can hire a little boat there, Pirate ship trips.

There are loads more I just can't think of them atm.

Janh Fri 27-May-05 21:10:07

Started a long reply to you colette, and aol froze on me, grr.

Anyway, briefly, Llandudno and Conway are lovely (and also Anglesey as jangly says). Avoid Rhyl and Prestatyn - the further you go from England the nicer it gets. (No reflection on England!)

Scarborough, Whitby, Robin Hood's Bay all good.

colette Fri 27-May-05 21:21:57

Thanks again , I am looking at brochures and cottages to rent . It is only 10c here in Scotland today.

colette Fri 27-May-05 21:25:30

Sorry I mean 10 degrees centigrade-I would like to get away right now (smile)

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