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advice please on euro dsisney paris; anyone who has been??

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mindermummy Sat 15-Aug-09 20:50:09

We wnat to go next year and my son and daughter will be 5 and half and 3 yrs 4 monthsMy partner thinks there too young to really enjoy it???? i dont???

A few questions i would like to know if anyone can answer any...thanks so much

1, are they too young..should we wait a while

2, whats best place to book and roughly how much have you paid?

3 Would 3 yr old get on many rides??

4. does the euro star/tunnel go direct? is there travling other side??

many thanks

saladodger Sat 15-Aug-09 21:38:49

1. I would say age alone shouldn't be the main determinant of whether they will enjoy it or not. More importantly is whether a) they meet the height restrictions for most rides (the 5 year old will certainly be fine; they can go on plenty of rides if >1.02m, and b) how much of a daredevil they are with regards to going on rides. I took my almost 4 year old there recently and she had a ball, went on Tower of Terror, POTC, etc and loved it!

2. We stayed at Newport Bay Club in June which was great, had rooms with interconnecting doors on ground floor. Lovely outdoor pool. Meant we could open patio doors and kids could play on the lawn (lake view). Have only stayed at this one but was lovely, comfy beds, etc. Paid about £700 per couple and child for 5 days 4 nights. B+B and tunnel crossing and park tickets inc. If the exchange rate remains poor I would consider doing half board vouchers which enable you to eat in various restaurants. Wish we'd done that as the cost of food was astronomical!!

3. Depends on height, will get on plenty if >1.02m. If below this I would probably hold off going for a while.

4. Sorry, can't comment, we did the tunnel crossing.

You'll have a great time, I think it's pretty much a perfect age for children to go, provided tall enough and like rides.

FreddoBaggyMac Sun 16-Aug-09 13:44:44

See this - my thread from a week or so ago!
We've decided to splash out and stay at the Disney hotel because it looks so fab smile

amidaiwish Sun 16-Aug-09 14:02:01

we went at easter, DD1 was just 5, DD2 was 3.5
it was fab, though tiring!
we stayed at new york hotel, all fine. short walk to park, get to go in the park 2 hours before it opens (8-10am) so miss the queue to get in and get to whizz round all the rides before the queues. (was easter weekend and v busy).

we got the eurostar from ashford direct to disneyland, amazing service, so quick.

there are lots of rides for kids that age, the usual dumbo/flying carpet/rockets which are generally much of a muchness with a different theme. But also lots of family ones - it's a small world water boat trip ride (fab), circus theme train ride, plus others i can't remember the specifics.
There's lots to see/do generally apart from the rides, the characters, the hollywood studios park, the parade every day at 4pm etc.. You won't spend the whole time doing/queuing for rides but watching spectacles, like mary poppins doing a show in the square etc...


amidaiwish Sun 16-Aug-09 14:06:16

we booked the hotel on the disneyland website and the eurostar separately, was much cheaper than booking both together.

we did b&b at hotel. food was v expensive in the park but from what i could make out with the half board vouchers you have to pay a surcharge on top of the voucher for many of the restaurants.

we went back to the hotel for breakfast at 10am once the park got busy and had a big big brunch. that saw us through til late afternoon so only really paid for one main meal per day.

mindermummy Tue 18-Aug-09 10:38:59

Great advice,thanks all. Still cant decide if its too early for 3 year old or not!!!

As so expensive, think we would only do a few times in their young age and wanna get the age right!!! LOL

Still toying with other poss holidays for that age too.

Any other advice still will read, thanks/xxx

roisin Tue 18-Aug-09 11:14:33

Don't go. It's horrid.

FreddoBaggyMac Tue 18-Aug-09 19:20:08

Roisin - please explain!

northernmonkey Thu 27-Aug-09 22:13:00

We've just come back from a 5 day stay there with 8yr, 6 yr and 2.9yr olds and they LOVED it. or ds 2.9 was completely aww struck and loved every min of it. I think your dcs are a perfect age for it. My dd 6 went on most of the rides and there was plenty for the little one too. I'd recomend it to anyone, we're already looking at planning our next visit there next year!!

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