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Recommendations please..... Haven holidays: Perranporth, Cornwall

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Wolfgirl Wed 12-Aug-09 21:44:44

OK, so we have the chance to book a chalet on the Haven site, anyone been and recommend?

many thanks in advance. smile

danthe4th Wed 12-Aug-09 22:31:03

If this is the one at perran sands we had the pleasure of going,not! It was awful, admitedly the weather was not the best but the walk to the beach is down a VERY steep hill,the pool we didn't even bother with it looked so awful we went and found the oasis pool near morrisons supermarket which was clean and really nice. We went on one of those sun holidays last summer never done it before or again. The accomodation was basic,clean but the beds were dreadful. The whole place just looked a bit old. As I said the weather was very wet so didn't get to use any outside facilities and we didn't bother eating there, we just used it as a base.
If the weather was good and youre not paying much them I would suffer it as it is a good base for visiting cornwall.

saggyhairyarse Wed 12-Aug-09 22:41:00

Can only cho what danthe4th said.

Perranporth is nice but that site is not.

battlehips Wed 12-Aug-09 22:45:17

We had a great holiday in Haven, Perranporth last year but we mainly used Haven as a base. The indoor pool is small and very basic but suited us perfectly as dd was only 10 months old. Wouldn'T be any good for older children. We didn't use the outdoor pool so can't comment on that but looked old and in need of repair (like most of the park)

We didn't use any of the other facilities, like the restaurant or the nightly entertainment.

Agree about the beach being down a very steep slope, its best to drive to the beach and park next to it. Its a lovely beach, miles of wide sand when the tides out. DD loved it.

Perranporth town isn't much and we spent the week visiting different parts of Cornwall and had a fab time, (the best bit being Kynance cove which I love)

We had a cheap deal and made the most of it.

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