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Luxury family hotels in France

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imo Tue 13-May-03 23:43:25

Does anyone know of a chain similar to in France ? We're travelling to the Alps in the summer and looking for a recommendation somewhere around the Dijon/Beaune area.

Marina Wed 14-May-03 13:22:38

The French don't *need* luxury family hotels, imo, because generally they don't seem to see anything wrong with children of any age checking into all sorts of hotel from chateau down to Formule 1 with their parents and being treated like proper guests .
That does mean no baby-listening service, I guess, but we have had excellent stopovers all over NW France in a variety of hotels where young children were welcomed at dinner. Sorry, but I've never been down Burgundy way, hope someone can help you with a stopover in that area.
The Logis de France family pages show which establishments in this reliable confederation of 2-3 star hotels go out of their way to welcome families.

ThomCat Thu 15-May-03 16:48:59

My idea of Luxury in France was camping in Provence, when I was 7 months pregnant! Their campsites are the most amazing things in the world! Sleeping on the sand, under the stars and pine trees. Sorry, not what you needed at all is it! Have a lovely time!

CountessDracula Sun 16-Nov-03 16:57:53

resurrecting this unsuccessful thread - we are going to Provence with friends again this year but fancied a week in a nice hotel first, by the sea, pref with babysitting. Any ideas? Would prefer Languedoc-Rousillon area

bossykate Sun 16-Nov-03 17:14:04

what about this one?

says it's in the languedoc...


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