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Paris hotel recommendations please

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KateandtheGirls Wed 25-May-05 23:38:06

My beau and I will be spending a night alone in Paris in July. (Kids will be with my Dad in his house in Normandy.) This is before he flies home from CDG airport. I have never been there before, neither has he.

Any recommendations for either specific hotels, or areas of the city that we should stay? We'll happily spend a decent amount on a room (after all, it doesn't happen every day), so I'm not looking for great deals necessarily.


Frizbe Wed 25-May-05 23:40:25

don't know Paris that well, but bump for you, I wish you both all the happiness in the world {{ Hugs}}

PuffTheMagicDragon Wed 25-May-05 23:58:58

Some friends recommended here to us. They had a room with a balcony, where breakfast was served......sounded heavenly and very romantic! Hoping to go some day soon!

KateandtheGirls Thu 26-May-05 12:07:39


bluesky Thu 26-May-05 18:23:24

hotel du Louvre is great and in a perfect location, you look straight up towards the opera house, next to you is the Louvre museum (mona Lisa), across is the river seine for a nice stroll, you can walk a bit futher to Notre Dame. You can also walk to the Musee D'Orsay which has really good rail connections (not just the metro) we took the train from here out to Versailles which took only about 35 mins. We also managed to walk from hotel through all the little streets on the sunday morning up to Sacre Couer, fabulous views. We decided when we go back we will stay there again, as it was so ideal. Lots of breakfast choice, a cosy bar and we also had lunch there on our final day, very french.

cod Thu 26-May-05 18:26:00

Message withdrawn

Frenchy72 Fri 27-May-05 07:57:21

Hi! I am a parisian myself (now in cardiff) and I always recommend the Hotel Lenox on rue Delambre (14th district in Montparnasse area). I have stayed there several times myself. It is a three star hotel in a convenient and safe area. staff at the reception is lovely. ask for a room with view on the fountain/patio because it is quieter and if you can ask for the room 69 which is under the roof and en-suite (200 euros though). I would recommend to stay in montparnasse area rather than Louvre or saint Michel, because this is the right place for the restaurants and safer in the night. hope it helps.

Frenchy72 Fri 27-May-05 09:23:56

sorry, I forgot to add the link on trip advisor:


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