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Mountain Buggy on aeroplane?

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ac27 Sun 09-Aug-09 19:23:19

Travelling to Australia with two small children. (Because I'm insane.)

I know that you are allowed to take a fold-flat pushchair right up until the plane door, but anyone know if a Mountain Buggy qualifies?

Any other tips to keep a 1yo and 3yo entertained on a 24 hour flight much appreciated!

raindroprhyme Sun 09-Aug-09 22:22:19

i took my pram a bebecar classic chassis and carrycot to teh plane door when going to crete. folded it for teh baggage handlers and it was waiting for me at teh bottom of steps other end.

i would check if you are entering the plane thru a tunnel thing as normally you leave it at gate and they come up for it. at the other end tho you need to make it clear if you need it before picking up your baggage. Tell everyone including cabin staff.

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