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Where is that packing fairy????

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mckenzie Sun 09-Aug-09 17:31:48

I would really like the packing fairy to come over please and sort it all out!
Or can someone give me some tips on how to pack for 2 adults and 2 children without forgetting anything and without everything looking like a rag at the other end and without getting hot and bothered. Please!

DLI Sun 09-Aug-09 18:46:34

write a list, keep the list with you where ever you go and when you think of something you can add it to the list. tick things off when you start packing. to save space put socks and other small items inside shoes and roll your clothes, dont fold. that way they dont crease as much. make sure you split everyone clothes among all cases - that way if you lose a case everyone still has something to wear,

mckenzie Sun 09-Aug-09 19:39:29

please come over to my house DLI. You sound like a nice organised unflustered person smile. I bet you'd do a grand job. Juts as i think I've got everything I need I remember something else (like toothbruses, then sunglasses). DCs have just gone to bed so I'm having 5 mins on here while they doze off then Im going back up.

Essentials - so far I have..

sun tan lotions
running shoes
nail varnish remover (for when my holiday manicure chips)

Anything I have forgotten?

DLI Sun 09-Aug-09 19:56:56

i am very organised, its annoying somethimes

calpol (paracetamol), mozzy wipes or spray, sickness tablets, toothpaste, toothbrushes, savlon cream, small travel sewing kit, wet wipes (depending how old your children are. i still take them and ds is 5)tissues, cotton buds, contraception! hair removal cream/razor, swimming arm bands, i always pack a couple of toy cars for ds to play with, emergency credit card,

DLI Sun 09-Aug-09 20:02:09

your e111 medical cards

mckenzie Sun 09-Aug-09 20:34:01

thank you! I have now added all those that apply grin. How do I roll shorts though - I have managed to roll shorts, t shirts etc but just tried to do the first shirt and it baffled me! Hope you're still on line!

Drayford Sun 09-Aug-09 22:26:23

How to roll a shirt for packing :

Turn the shirt over and fold in the sleeves in at the back (like a T shirt). Start rolling from the bottom up to the collar. This way the buttons are facing out and the collar ends up on the outside of the roll and is not squished inside.

I often have to pack smart clothes for long haul journeys where bags are thrown around all over the place and this method works for me!

An ex colleague of mine used to pack all her clothes in plastic bags and suck the air out of them with a straw - she swore that none of her clothes were ever creased when she unpacked them ... I never had the nerve to try it!

mckenzie Mon 10-Aug-09 09:29:22

thanks very much Drayford. I had to go with my gut feeling last night but did do pretty much what you said. I'm not sure I can bothered with the plastic bag and the straw though! If DH and DS are that bothered they can pack for themselves!!!

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