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Holiday between belfast and dublin?

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betterthanbritney Sat 08-Aug-09 21:10:15

Hi all,

We have a couple of nights free in amongst visiting of family and would love to find a country/seaside village within easy reach of Belfast and Dublin. Prob 3 hours driving at most.
Have got a 2 year old so family friendly (although we love a bit of gentle-moderate walking) would be good.

Don't know whether we want a hotel or a b & b but any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.

Please share your knowledge, tips and experiences.


cocolepew Sat 08-Aug-09 21:11:19


betterthanbritney Sat 08-Aug-09 21:13:16

Looks lovely.
Had a quick look- do you reckon head for the coast or the national park?

cocolepew Sat 08-Aug-09 21:14:52

I seenm to be the only person in N.I that's never been blush. All my friends head for the coast.

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