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Cappiciolo in Corsica? Or any other exp of Corsica?

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florenceuk Wed 25-May-05 11:54:48

Has anybody been to the Simply Travel resort in Corsica in Cappiciolo? Any reviews eg of accomodation? We are thinking of going, but last time we went (in our youth) we camped...

bettys Wed 25-May-05 12:18:19

There are quite a few comments on Corsica and/or Cappiciolo in the Travel Archives. We went to Cappiciolo in 2001 (so may have changed). The best thing about it was the childcare, which was great & gave you the freedom to hire a car & explore, but be careful if you have vertigo as some of the roads are a bit hairy! The accommodation was average, the cottages on the beach quite basic, & the beach itself not fantastic. Corsica itself is beautiful. We had quite a good holiday but wouldn't go back to that resort - others have though.

binkie Wed 25-May-05 12:18:46

I am a t-shirt wearer. Stand by!!

DON'T do the hotel option. Grumpy hotelier, all the guff about hotel amenities is b*ks. (We complained and got £500 back at once, that tells you how bad it was.) The restaurant on the beach does either very grotty pizzas (pizza topping practically just ketchup) or, if proper food, fantastically expensive. Captive market, you see. Don't expect to use it except in emergencies or for ice lollies.

If you've got little kids (under-fives) book them in for afternoons only at the kids' club. That way you get to have leisurely breakfast, bit of morning on beach when not too hot, lunch out if you like, then they can hide from heat of day in creche while you snooze on beach. However if you're thinking of going this summer you may find all the afternoons are taken. Mornings-only were not that fun, we found.

Accommodation in the villas is basic but not bad - think mobile home rather than "villa" and you'll not be disappointed. People we met there who were on repeat holidays had taken their own pillows. Apparently there are a couple of nice real villas on the other side of the hotel from the mini-villas. You could ask about them. They're bigger & presumably much more expensive.

DON'T rely on the brochure about babysitting. You just may get one evening if you're lucky.

Do take the car hire option.

Coast of Corsica very very crowded and [whispers] a bit vulgar. Were we to go again, and we will, we will go inland which is gorgeous and a different world.

All of that said: we went two years ago and (a) things might have changed; and (b) ds and dd were only two and four and they're still asking when they can go back again. Go figure.

Nome Wed 25-May-05 13:06:43

We went to Algajola on the north coast near Calvi a couple of years ago and it was superb. We went with Corsican Places. The beach was lovely, gently shelving, toddlers one end and nudists about a kilometer away at the other end. Lots of places to eat. We'd go back definitely, but there so many other gorgeous places to go.

Marina Wed 25-May-05 13:24:42

Corsican Places is a wonderful independent operator and the coast from Calvi round to the Cap Corse (including L'Ile Rousse and Algajola) is fabulous - under-developed, wild and beautiful. I think from what Binkie says the Northwest of this magical island is still the best option for unspoilt beaches. The East Coast sounds pretty grim by Corsican standards.
Agree inland is best of all - we stayed in a small village house in Zicavu, miles from anywhere (most visible other resident = noisy, enthusiastic donkey) - and it was the most beautiful place I have ever been.
Have to confess am not a Resort sort of person so would always go independent.

binkie Wed 25-May-05 13:38:25

Marina, we - and especially dh - are so not Resort People that I think I must've booked Cappiciolo in some kind of toddler-induced fugue state.

Another thing for florence re Simply Travel: prices. They offered us a discount on another booking and having researched their costs vs going independently we decided even with the discount it wasn't a good deal. But then we aren't sailors and waterskiers and whatever else you get included at those sorts of holiday villages.

Marina Wed 25-May-05 13:41:36

"toddler induced fugue state" Binkie!
At least you ended up somewhere truly lovely and not staring down the barrel of another fortnight in your husband's mother's cousin's washing-machine-free flatlet in Devon...and yes I know we should be grateful we are having a holiday! and I am

florenceuk Wed 25-May-05 22:39:25

Thanks - enough info to put me off I think! Corsican Places has some lovely sounding places - a step up from the el cheapo camping ground at Corte! Nome, where did you stay at Algajola?

tigermoth Thu 26-May-05 22:43:39

I know you might be thinking of somewhere else, now, but as my sons and dh are still in love with Corsice (and Capuiciolo) three years after we holidayed there, I will tell you about our experiences.

We went to Cappiciolo twice - Sept 2001 and late Aug 2002 - dh and our sons still talk about going back. IMO it's an ideal place if you have
babies and toddlers who are happy to be at the nursery and kid's clubs. The care IME is very, very good.

Not so good if you have older chidren - and that means children over 6 years. Even at age 7 years, my oldest son felt too big for the
playclub, the indoor space (a converted chalet) was too cramped for active, bigger children and baby and toddler orientated. He was fine about
joining the kid's sailing based activities, If the sea conditions were unsuitable (quite
possible) they were cancelled and we had to rescue him from the indoor space.

There were places for both boys in the daytime kids clubs, morning and afternoon. We booked 2 or 3 months in advance. We used babysitters
about 2 or 3 nights each week. No problems with babysitters' availability. However, we were willing to have the young chalet cleaning staff as babysitters, not just the trained nursery staff. If we had wanted nursery staff only, there were one or two nights in the fortnight
when this wasn't possible. We had absolutely no problems with any of our babysitters - they were great.

Beach - we loved it, though the sand was too coarse for building serious sandcastles. Still, lots of other fun things to do. Excellent fishing. dh and my oldest son spent many happy hours night fishing. Ideal as the chalet was a 5 minute walk away.

Beach bar - Sampled the pizzas once or twice. We were happy with what came out of the oven (as pizzas go). Didn't notice lashings of tomato
ketchup on them. Also the other food (ds fondly remembers the very tender duck he had). But it was expensive to eat or drink there. We preferred to drive out for family meals. During the day, definitely take your own drinks to the beach rather than paying beach bar prices. Easy to do as the cottages are so close by.

Accommodation - Very sad looking soft furnishings. I wrote in to complain. Bed linen, blankets, curtains, sofa throws etc were all
clean but had seen far better days. Considering how cheap these items are to buy, and how many thousands of pounds were were paying for our
fortnight, I felt very let down. I have seen better in youth hostels. I expected basic accommodation - no carpets, functional furniture, basic kitchen appliances etc - but even so, finding old, torn curtains at the
windows and making beds with ancient woolen blankets was not on, IMO. The furniture was fine, no gripes with that.

Dodgy plumbing and drains - we had some loo flushing problems, others had worse. Hope the plumbing is fixed now and I am sure I am not the only mumsnetter to hope this! Very nice bathrooms - clean and modern. I understand that the kitchens were to be refurbished. Hope this has happened. If not, the cooker,fridge and sink were all adequate.

All in all - and we are not package holiday people, it suited us very well as we needed lots of nursery and babysitting options to hand. The staff were mostly English, or English speaking, which is a great help when you are explaining your individual children's foibles.

If you do decide to brave corsica, and stay near Propriano, do, do, do, go to the Bains of Barachi, just outside the town. Very old fashioned, atmoshperic spa - bask in the hot sulphur pools. You will feel wonderful afterwards. You can take children. I took my oldest son. He loved it and slept like a log when he went to bed that night.

If you do happen to find a good deal on holidays to Corsica, please tell me and I can make dh and our sons very happy. We won't go this year but there is always next year to think of

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