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american cars??

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jenniferq Fri 07-Aug-09 14:45:07

hi all - can anyone who lives or has previously hired cars in the US advise? Next month, I am looking to hire a car for me, DH, DD aged 2 and DS 8 months, for whom we are taking car seats (we are staying with family, but renting a car for 5 days in the middle, so need to take car seats really for use in their car wth them - also, both DCs have seats on the plane so plan to use car seats on plane seats too). We will basically be using the car to drive to, and then from, a holiday house - in both cases the drive will be about 5 hours. We wont be using the car much while we are there. We have the usual amount of stuff for a 2 week trip - ie probably 2 big bags and some hand luggage. We will also have two travel cots that we are borrowgin from my family. We would like to basically spend as little as possible on car hire, without making the joureys horribly uncomfortable! I am just really wondering whether we would be ok with the 'intermediate' group, which cites a Pontiac G6 as an example, or whether we would need the next group up, which gives a Chevrolet Impala as a typical car? I guess I am thinking something the size of a Ford Focus would prob be ideal...can anyone advise on whats best to go for? Thanks very much.

bellavita Fri 07-Aug-09 17:05:35

We have always gone for a compact car - we are two adults and two children - 12 and 9. We managed to fit a large and two medium suitcases in the back of the boot. Think last years car hire through dollar was about £198. Luckily this year we don't need one.

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