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Any ladies working in travel agents?

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AstronomyDomine Fri 07-Aug-09 14:37:50

Just a quick question really relating to your staff discount.
Say you're married and your husband already has a child, your step-child. Does your staff discount cover all three of your or just your husband?
That's it really, thanks for advice.

AstronomyDomine Fri 07-Aug-09 14:38:20

I obviously meant - does it cover all three of you or just you and your husband?

AstronomyDomine Fri 07-Aug-09 16:06:43


MissSunny Mon 10-Aug-09 01:33:29

Message withdrawn

AstronomyDomine Mon 10-Aug-09 19:26:18

It's just DS's father has recently decided to play a "reduced" role in his son's life. His wife gets discount and the last holiday he went on (first class 5-star to the Bahamas) he first told DS he hadn't booked him a place as he felt he would be bored with the flight hmm but when he came back this changed to his wife only being able to get discount for herself and him. I just wanted to check whether his lies to DS are here too!

RubyBlueberry Mon 10-Aug-09 20:37:40

When I worked at Thomas Cook we got 25% off one holiday in first year, then after 5 years you worked your way up to 75% discount off two holidays (I think). As long as it was immediate family, am pretty sure the entire discount was applied for everyone.
You can always look on the website for where she works and check staff benefits?

AstronomyDomine Tue 11-Aug-09 12:42:34

Ah it's ok - they have loads of smaller holidays through the year as well as this big one. I just wanted to see (for my own warped nosiness really) if he's still lying to DS.
Thanks to you both.

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