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Should i stay or should i go???????

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SandyChick Fri 07-Aug-09 14:36:47

Hi, My DH is going to be in Dubai next month with work. He has a week off whilst there but cant come home. He is away from home for 4 months in total, Dubai falls at the half way mark.(he's already away).

I've never really fancied going to Dubai in particular but i would go to see DH. I started looking into flights and accom etc and now i've fallen in love with the place and would love to take our DS who is 2. I hadnt realised how family orientated Dubai was. We're saving at the moment really hard for a family holiday early-ish next year and id love for us all to go to Dubai.

For myself to go next month it would cost £400 for my flight plus same again for 4-5 nights accom which is a lot of money to fork out right before xmas but we do have just enough cash in our savings to cover it and leave some for xmas. It also takes a chunk of our budget away for next year so will need to save extra hard and wait a bit longer.

So my dilema is... do i do the sensible thing and not go next month and put the money towards our holiday next year which if we're lucky may leave us with a bit of savings too OR do i go anyway, you only live once hey!? I really want to see DH.

saggyhairyarse Fri 07-Aug-09 21:58:08

I am an impulsive Saggitarian so I would just go.

Life is indeed too short and if you aren't going to see him for a few months then it is a good opportunity to take a holiday and see him too somewhere you might not have gone otherwise.

Next year you can always book a cheaper holiday, not sure what your budget is but you can even consider booking a Euro Sun Holiday or something as they are cheap enough.

jkklpu Fri 07-Aug-09 22:10:11

Go to Dubai. Can't he pay for the accommodation as you're forking out for the flight? Go on holiday to Norfolk next year, or anywhere else, for that matter. It doesn't matter if you;'re all going to be together. 4 months is a long time for you, him and your DS. Make sure you get decent travel insurance for both of you, though.

NB If you're going to be travelling back home on your own with your ds, you should bear in mind the following extract from Foreign Office travel advice:

"Travelling with children

Single parents or other adults travelling alone with children should be aware that some countries require documentary evidence of parental responsibility before allowing lone parents to enter the country or, in some cases, before permitting the children to leave the country. In the UAE this may be required when obtaining a residence visa. For further information on exactly what will be required at immigration please contact the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in London."
Not sure whether it's a specific issue in UAE but better safe than sorry.

MrsJamesMartin Fri 07-Aug-09 22:11:55

Go, its fab i'm very envy

SandyChick Sat 08-Aug-09 14:22:53

Thanks everyone. Thats what i wanted to hearblush.

I really want to go but its alot of money that could have been put to good use elsewhere but all the other stuff can still get done too it might just take a bit longer.

Im not sure if i'll take ds or not. He's just turned 2 and i;ve never flown with him yet. Plus its really hot over there at the min, maybe a bit too hot for DS. I could do with a break too. Im a sahm so im shattered looking after DS on my own. Its our wedding anniversary in a few weeks so we might make it an anniversary present so ourselves grin

Its decided then...thanks everyone

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