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ID tags for kids???

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Spottyotter Mon 03-Aug-09 22:22:15

Can anyone recommend some form of Id tag, or wrist bracelet thing i could use for ds whilst on our travels?
What about those electronic locator things? Are they any good? where can i get one from?

Just to add to my worries about nits, bedbugs and dodgy food, I am now breaking out in cold sweats worrying about losing him on the streets of Kathmandu!

sunnydelight Tue 04-Aug-09 06:40:37

When we went to Thailand I got one of those "out of range" alarms for DD who was 4 at the time. DH thought I was being paranoid but the idea of a cute blonde 4 year old getting lost on the streets of Bangkok freaked me out. She wore one bit, I wore the other and if she went more than a certain distance from me hers went off with a very loud, shrieky alarm. It doesn't replace vigilence and I didn't use it on the islands, but it did make me feel better in crowded places. I bought it from a camping shop, can't remember which one.

Spottyotter Wed 05-Aug-09 10:49:52

Thanks sunny, will try in Ambleside today.

MrsBadger Wed 05-Aug-09 10:58:11

how old is he?

if <2 I would say reins or wrist strap, but I am a big fan of them as dd is a dasher-across-roads

do not worry about nits or bedbugs, and hot local food cooked fresh and/or in front of you is usually a safe bet - don't be tempted by western-looking burgers etc

momos (like tortellini) and dhalbhat will be your staples.
It's worth asking for dhoy (yoghurt) if ds is finding things too spicy - the dhoy is usul fresh and local and very good - makes a passably balanced dinner mixed with rice if all else fails.

actually my top recommendation would be not to stay in KTM longer than you have to - get out into the valley to Dhulikhel or somewhere less frantic/filthy/noisy

how long are you there for?

Spottyotter Wed 05-Aug-09 13:16:27

Hi mrsbadger! Thanks for the foodie tips, Have been twice before pre ds. In ktm for 3 days then off to villages in karvre region to visit schools and a hospital we've been involved with fundraising for then onto chitwan And pokara. Am beside myself with excitement! Never been to dhulikhel before, what's it like?

MrsBadger Wed 05-Aug-09 13:30:03

oh you know all about it then grin

tbh Dhulikel is nothing especially special, just a ktm valley village with a couple of reasonable places to stay (and one very nice one - the Dhulikhel Lodge Resort) and some pretty scenery for walks - its main attraction is its closeness to ktm and its relaxed pace of life.

Pokhara is still fab but is growing fast - places that were once scenic lakeside beauty spots are now cybercafes and trekking agencies

Are you flying from ktm to Pokhara? if you have the cash I recommend it, it takes all the stress out of the journey.

you're not going till after the monsoon though, are you?

Spottyotter Wed 05-Aug-09 14:02:31

Early september, so will stiill be rain around, I would imagine, but apparently monsoon has not been too bad this year, so far. Will be getting a driver with 4wd for most of the time we are there, don't fancy the buses, especially now with ds. Flew to pokara last visit, nice and easy, but will be lovely to have flexibility of a driver, and not have to be fixed in our plans. It's been 4 years since we were last in Nepal, bet loads has changed since then.
Would love to trek again but dh has a dodgy knee, so not this time.
When were you there, mrsbadger?

MrsBadger Wed 05-Aug-09 14:09:15

last in [counts on fingers] 2007?
no, 2006, so not much more recently than you

keep getting invited back by expat friends but can't really justify the airfare, esp now dd needs her own seat

how nice to have a driver, lucky you!

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