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DH birthday this weekend - want to escape Saturday night... help!

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Willow2 Tue 24-May-05 14:22:40

Ok, it's DH's 40th this weekend. We are out on Friday but want to escape, without ds, for Saturday night. Appreciate that it is Bank Holiday - but any suggestions within 2 hours max of London? Also, who else, other than Last Minute, are good for late bookings?

Cheers my dears.

Willow2 Tue 24-May-05 15:05:16


zubb Tue 24-May-05 15:16:31

I think at this stage its best to find hotels you like and book direct if possible.
What kind of place do you want - coastal / city / country? Cotswolds, New Forest, East Anglia? I'd avoid Brighton for the bank holiday though.

zubb Tue 24-May-05 15:32:32

also try

bluesky Wed 25-May-05 12:28:15

As the day is so close, I would also recommend contacting the hotels direct.

cod Wed 25-May-05 12:28:49

Message withdrawn

SecondhandRose Wed 25-May-05 13:22:39

Willow, I would recommend as 1. you have little time and 2. it's BH and traffic will be terrible - that you go to nicest hotel that is nearest to home, no point sitting in traffic if all you want is a nice meal and some time together. Have a look what's on your doorstep.

Where are you and perhaps we can recommend some places close by?

Willow2 Wed 25-May-05 14:08:13

THanks for messages - have decided to wait for another weekend. Apart from anything else, think he will probably be so hungover he won't appreciate anything on Saturday!

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