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Ideas about trip to Scotland with baby and mtn biker

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Bleuravin Mon 03-Aug-09 13:59:10

Any ideas about where we could go which are biker and baby friendly which are also cheap? We're happy to camp (if it's not rainy) but will want possible 'backup plan' accomodations near by if the weather does turn sour next week. Dh sometimes a baby but not the baby I was talking about wink was thinking of heading toward Fort William for the biking, but we have a week to explore so other possibilities would be nice.
And does anyone have experience with walking/hiking with a sling vs a backback carrier? We've got a sling, but wondering if we'd need a backpack carrier for dd (4months).

mrsgboring Mon 03-Aug-09 14:12:33

Hi Bleu grin Can't remember what sling you have but I should think with a four month old you'd both best off with a decent sling. I find them better than back carriers. Plus if you want to carry luggage on your back, most back carriers have a max cargo of 35l and you can get much more on your back if the baby is in front (and should be easily doable at this stage)

Bleuravin Mon 03-Aug-09 14:37:15

I've got a CloseMe? carrier or something of that sort...two rings on the side to tighten the 'double' cross (one at front and one at back), goes over the shoulders...nice soft, slightly stretchy fabric.

Bleuravin Mon 03-Aug-09 15:58:25

Also we're thinking of heading to Edinburgh on the way home any idea about baby friendly places to eat?

bronze Tue 04-Aug-09 00:14:44

I would stick with a wrap stylebut put it on your back instead. Not sure if yu can do this with the close. I have a framed carrier and I think its too big fo them at this age (you know this trip is another thing for me to be jealous of... not good for my soul)

Bleuravin Tue 04-Aug-09 10:40:23

You technically could I think if you had someone else put the baby in...Though I'm not sure it would work when Moo was sleeping because her head might not be supported enough
might give it a trial run today and see...

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