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Easyjet baggage URGENT HELP NEEDED

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braceet Mon 03-Aug-09 13:31:31

I had booked online and selected to have one piece of hand luggage to store overhead. But I have realised that no way will I be able to put all of my toiletries into a 1 litre bag, I was sold a bag in Boots and was told that it was 1 litre, but I have just tested it and it is more like 4 litres! My fault I know I shoud have tested it before, so I now need to have my suitcase put into the hold. How can I do this online? I cannot see where to do this? Or do you have to do it when you get to the airport? Also does anyone know how much it will cost?
My broadband pc keeps crashing, so I'm not having a good day, and we are avelling tomorrow! Arrgh!

IdrisTheDragon Mon 03-Aug-09 13:33:50

How many toiletries do you have? Do you have large things of ie shampoo? Remember you can only have 100ml of liquids in each bottle. Can you cut back a bit?

(just trying to think of ways of not needing to check in items).

aupairinitaly Mon 03-Aug-09 13:37:16

There should be a bit that says manage my booking or view my booking. Sign in. Then i think you can add baggage that way.

willali Mon 03-Aug-09 13:52:26

It's not the size of the bag that is important it is the size of the containers in which your toiletries are. In any event you can buy full size toiletries after you go through security if you need to (but you won't be able to bring them back in hand luggage). Most Boots / Superdrug etc sell small 100ml sized of skincare and shampoo and toothpaste etc that you can take in hand luggage so panic not - you really don't want to pay extra and then be in a queue to check in baggage on an Easy jet flight beleive me wink

Rebeccaj Mon 03-Aug-09 15:14:02

The security people will give you a bag, or you can use a medium freezer bag with a pop/zip closure. Pop to Boots now and get some small empty bottles and decant your toiletries into them, or alternatively buy some small versions - e.g, handbag sized shampoo, small pot of nivea moisturiser. I'd be staggered if you can't then fit it in a medium freezer bag! Each pot of toiletries needs to be equal to or smaller than 100ml.

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