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slings and airports

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ramblingmum Mon 03-Aug-09 07:58:23

I am flying to France next month. DD2 will be 4 months and I thought that I would carry her through the airport in my moby wrap. I'm worried that security will make me take it off. Has any one tried this?
We will have a single pushchair mainly for dd1(2.9y). We don't have a double and find 2 pushchairs too much hassle. Thanks for any tips

MissShiraz Mon 03-Aug-09 12:39:46

Good question we are taking our 6 month old and are thinking fo taking a backpack carrier as we would use it alot during the day when on holiday in places you cannot use a stroller

pseudoname Mon 03-Aug-09 12:42:47

I have taken a baby through to the Middle East and back and neither way was I asked to take the baby out of a wrap sling at any point. You can walk through the metal detector with baby all wrapped up. I suppose it may be a problem if it goes off but then kind people would ask you to empty pockets first and walk thru again before asking you to take off the baby.

a wrap sling is worth its weight in gold when travelling long haul. I didn't take a buggy with me and even after 4 months traveling without it I still didn't miss it.

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