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Anyone been to see santa in Lapland for the day?

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Funbags Sat 01-Aug-09 12:35:35

My Aunt has very generously offerd to take me and dd, and sister and her ds. Kids are 3 and 5. Any advice on who to go with, or things to to bear in mind greatfully received!

DadInsteadofMum Mon 03-Aug-09 13:35:06

There are only two companies that do these trips emagine and Canterbury Travel, everybody else is just acting as agents for them. Have travelled with both (kids are too different in age) and had great experience.

I would considering leaving it a year, if it is very cold (and it can be) then it will spoil it for youngest and you will spend whole time trying to keep them warm (even with super duper equipment they give you), this happened to us first time we went, still a great time but didn't do as much as we could (it was -20)

Funbags Mon 10-Aug-09 17:26:28

Thanks I will check emagine, I have a canterbury brochure. i got put off when I read some terrible reviews...queuing for an hour for 5 minute sleigh rides and being fleeced for cash at every turn, ie pay £25 to take photo with santa, bad food on paper plates, poundshop gifts from santa etc. Did you go to Rovemmei (sic) or Kittla? The Kittla trips sound more outsidey fun in the snow, whilst the Rov ones seem a bit more theme parkey christmas cheer...are the rides a decent length? Would you call it magical? I'm apprehensive as this trip will cost my aunt £2K for all of us so want to be sure it really is a once in a lifetime thing, - who did you go with? thanks

mumoverseas Tue 11-Aug-09 10:53:02

I went about 8 years ago with Canterbury Travel and it was excellent if a bit expensive

I agree with DadInsteadofMum that I'd wait a bit as I think your two are a little too young to enjoy and remember it.

I went to Rovemmei which was really nice and not too much waiting for things although it was a very nice day. We did reindeer and husky rides but they were only about 5 mins but did snowmobile ride to the 'santa site' from the airport which was about an hour I think. Adults on snowmobiles and kids in sleighs which they thought was fun

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