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Ferry to Ireland - is it worth getting a cabin or upgrading to Premium Lounge

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vodafonewillow Fri 31-Jul-09 11:28:35

We are travelling from Holyhead to Dublinon Stenna Lines. Has anyon done this recently, is it worth the extra money to get a cabin or upgrade to the Premium Lounge ?

BroodyChook Fri 31-Jul-09 11:36:17

We used to get a cabin when we were travelling overnight, or when the DC's were younger. It gave them a safe space to explore, IYSWIM. Now, though, we don't. It's a three hour crossing at most, and the Premium Lounge is just a floor up from the regular lounge, with bar snacks.

vodafonewillow Fri 31-Jul-09 11:50:39

Have you been on a ferry wirh a cinema ? I'm wondering how much they charge & if they have kids films.

BroodyChook Fri 31-Jul-09 12:01:56

Yep, we travelled on the Irish Ferry slow boat in may, and watched 'Race To Witch Mountain'. Think the prices were around what you'd normally pay for the cinema, so about 20 pounds for the four of us. From what I remember, they only showed family-type films during the day sailings.

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