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any recommendation for things to do in glasgow next week?

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brimfull Thu 30-Jul-09 23:37:53

we are visiting glasgow and meeting my parents(from Canada) there
dd staying at home but ds 6yr will need entertaining

so far I have a few thigns in mind

Burrel Collection-I loved it when I was last there but will it bore the pants of ds

falkirk wheel thing-my dad wants to see this

any other ideas?

also rec for nice reasonable places to eat

kmowell Fri 31-Jul-09 11:58:14

Hi, i have a couple of fact have done them in the last week...
The transport museum, behind the Kelvinhall, is good for kids and actually anyone would enjoy it, and just opposite is the art galleries, its really good, went there yesterday with 20 month old, he loves the spitfire hanging from the ceiling and all the stuffed animals etc, have never actually got round to looking at the art. We go there about once a month.
In the area head to Byres road for something to eat, Try Papperinos, very very child friendly and reasonably priced. Hope you have a good time....

brimfull Fri 31-Jul-09 16:45:09

kmowell-great thnks for that,ds will love the transport museum and I will love the art gallery..hmm maybe leave dh in htere with ds whilst I do the gallery.

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