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Planning trip this weekend to London

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Bleuravin Wed 29-Jul-09 21:24:12

How tough is it sight seeing in London with a baby?
We've got a 4 month old that I'm bf, how problematic will we find it with a pushchair (on the tube and at certain sites... is there anywhere you would NOT go?) And will it be difficult to find a quiet place to feed?

Schulte Wed 29-Jul-09 21:35:54

Hi Bleu. Where do you want to go? Most tube stations have lots of stairs and no lifts so I'd recommend walking if you can, or taking a lightweight foldable buggy or a sling. The tube can also be very busy at weekends. I've fed DD in cafes and on park benches, so that shouldn't be a problem. Any particular sights you are hoping to see?

Bleuravin Wed 29-Jul-09 22:09:54

We've got no set places we wanted to go...Big Ben, Westminster, Buckingham Palace and St.Paul's were mentioned as possibilities.
We do have a sling; I'm not so capable of carrying dd after an hour, dh says he's more capable so he'd be willing to carry her.

wobbegong Wed 29-Jul-09 23:09:21

Hi Bleu

Finding a quiet place to feed is not always easy. I tend to make a bee-line for a Starbucks. There are loads of them around and they often have baby-changing facilities and comfy chairs, plus no-one bats an eyelid if you are bf.

Have you though about taking the bus rather than the tube? For example, if I remember right, the Number 11 bus connects Victoria (near Buckingham Palace) with Westminster/ Big Ben and then up past Downing Street and Trafalgar Square and along the Strand to St Pauls.

See London bus map

Suggest from St Pauls that you walk over the pedestrian bridge to Tate Modern and get a nice view of the Thames. (And again it's an easy place to feed and change your LO even if it will be busy).

galletti Wed 29-Jul-09 23:24:53

Where are you staying? Big Ben/Westminster/Buckingham Palace/Trafalgar Square/Downing Street and the South Bank are all actually very close together, so it would be easy to stroll with a buggy, which we did when our dd was very small, and stopped for photo shoots every so often! So you could plan to do one tube journey to Westminster for example, then use the A-Z and walk around. In fact, if I remember correctly, we got off at Green Park, walked though the Park to Buckingham Palace, down the Mall to Whitehall and through to Westminster, form there you can cross the bridge and end up on the South Bank for a coffee/lunch and lovely atmosphere, even going further down the South Bank to the Tate Modern.

maisiestar Wed 29-Jul-09 23:32:53

Definitely agree with Wobbegong - Starbucks, galleries and museums are always reliable on the feeding/pitstop side adn easy to find - they also do lots of cake which is essential!

Also, buses are much easier than tubes - I've been travelling on them for 4 years with buggies and never had to fold one yet and it is a much nicer way to see London. Also I've never had any problems on the tube - contrary to popular belief, the majority of people are really helpful. Just ask for help from a tube guard about the best way to tackle escalators if you are worried.

I've been trying to think of somewhere I wouldn't go and I can't think of anywhere!
So have fun!

Just keep positive and I hope the sun shines.

Bleuravin Thu 30-Jul-09 09:28:23

Great Thanks for the thoughts.
I didn't think about buses as everyone always says 'take the tube.' But it seems like it might be a good idea.
I think we might follow the 'itinerary' everyone has suggested and head for Victoria (as we're coming in from Hammersmith) to do Buckingham then walk to Westminster et al then take the 11 Bus along the river to St. Paul's then cross the bridge to the Tate to finish the day off.
Thanks again for your suggestions. And hopefully the rain won't be too bad...

mumof2222222222222222boys Thu 30-Jul-09 09:45:45

And if you need to take the tube, it is not too bad with a buggy and small baby...different matter when you have 2 sleeping boys aged 2 and 4 (rugby players of the future) to hoick up the stairs!!!

WhatFreshHellIsThis Thu 30-Jul-09 09:51:08

I second the bus suggestion - since DS1 was born I haven't taken a single tube, and never had to fold the buggy. Always had lots of help on and off too, I must look helpless grin

Buses often take the same amount of time or only a tiny bit more, plus you can gawp at sights along the way, not just when you pop up from the tunnel.

And they're cheaper - get a pay as you go Oyster card and hop on and off to your heart's content. What's not to like! wink

bronze Thu 30-Jul-09 10:01:04

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bronze Thu 30-Jul-09 10:01:56

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bronze Thu 30-Jul-09 10:02:23

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Schulte Thu 30-Jul-09 11:40:33

Just wanted to add that there is a lift at Westminster tube station (Jubilee line) so you shouldn't have any trouble getting there and starting your sightseeing trip there. Also I heard on the radio this morning that the Tate Modern and the London Eye have been voted the top buggy friendly tourist attractions if you fancy one of those - there's a lovely cafe in the Tate Modern with great views, if you can get a table. Enjoy!

wobbegong Thu 30-Jul-09 22:53:07

Top tip if you are going to St Pauls is that it is blardy expensive to go in... unless you tell them that you would like to pray, and then they show you to a little side chapel. You won't get to walk around and do the whole tourist gawping thing but you will get to be inside briefly. Which is probably all you want with a tiny.

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