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traveling with a 3 month old

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lomi Tue 28-Jul-09 23:20:59

My husband and I are considering whether we should go on holiday with our baby in september when he will be three months old. He will have had his injections by then..... but we are not sure whether it is safe to do so...

Also not sure to go long haul... or short....

Would love some advice a on good baby friendly resorts


Ernie13 Wed 29-Jul-09 12:19:00

If you are considering long haul this is a good time to do it. We took DD to Australia and NZ to see family when she was 10 weeks old, and the flights were really easy! Most airlines will give you a skycot for baby to sleep in, which also means you get seats with lots of legroom. We found most crew were extremely helpful in terms of supplying me with lots of water and anything else we might need, and even holding and playing with DD when she was awake. DD slept most of the time, and was entertained by passing passengers when she was awake. Most on-flight toilets have changing tables, so that part was quite easy as well. I did spend one night waking up to a DD who just wanted to play at each end of the trip.... But she wasn't as badly jetlagged as I had feared, and by the second night was pretty much in sync again.

We travelled with a Samsonite Pop-up travel cot - weighs 700g and takes virtually no space, a baby mosquito net, a baby carrier and a pram that could also double as a cot (and meant she could sleep there while we were having dinner in various restaurants).
If doing this again we would have brought her carseat - hire car companies usually only have booster seats, not capsules suitable for babies under 6 months. We ended up buying one second hand in NZ.

Can't recommend any resorts, I'm afraid - though keep in mind that a lot of the 'child friendly' features are more relevant for older children - you may want a cot supplied if you don't have a lightweight travel cot, but other than that there is probably not much you need at this stage.

greenfanta Thu 30-Jul-09 00:46:27

long haul...HORRENDOUS!airline travel can depend so much on the cabincrew. also those cots for the baby are directly under the screen for films on most planes so baby cannot sleep during"night" coz of light and flickering from above. i've had to go to thailand(12 hours direct) twice with under 6mth's bad, doesn't get good till they get to about 6 or 7. other passengers tend to be unsympathetic(can't blame them really). i was lucky coz i fed baby myself, but many mums devastated when cannot take milk onboard. check airlines policy. short haul bearable. to be honest much more relaxing to stay at home.

alibubbles Thu 30-Jul-09 08:48:40

I have travelled and flown on my own with DS 10 weeks and DD 14 months, in the times where you didn't have to have one adult per child.

I think people stress too much about it, making it an ordeal. If you don't worry, and be calm and relaed, yo'll have a good time.

Don't be afraid to ask for help, I carried a baby through immigration at LHR last week for a lady who had a toddler and baby, and the pushchair hadn't appeared. He was a bruiser, 4 months old and 9 kilos!

Mumof4Monsters Thu 30-Jul-09 16:27:54

Hi There,
I agree with Ernie13, now is the perfect time. We went to Florida with our (unplanned) 3mth old & 3 older Children (8,13 & 14 yrs old). We flew with Virgin Atlantic & they were brilliant. I took a travel system with us that they didnt take off us until boarding (plus we had own car seat to use at the other end then) & you get to board 1st with a baby. We got a bulkhead seat with skycot (request that when you book flights) & the staff couldnt do enough to help. On the way back i put DS in a babycarrier to save getting him in & out pram everytime it had to be scanned, was alot easier, wish id done that on the way there. I was breastfeeding which made it very easy as well (give baby a feed on take off & landing to keep their ears clear). There is usually a chemist after security so you could buy cartons of baby milk there if needed. It did help that the Villa had everything we needed for staying with a baby. Hope you have a great time x

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