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North Cornwall Madness

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di123 Tue 28-Jul-09 13:02:30

I've booked a family holiday very close to the beach in Polzeath in North Cornwall and am now very worried that this is not a family location but will be spoilt by wild parties and alcoholic binges late at night and totally unsuitable as highlighted in the national press. I know that Newquay has a reputation as a holiday haunt for teenage groups and to a lesser extent does Rock. Can anyone advise what to expect?

feedthegoat Tue 28-Jul-09 21:42:59

I've not stayed in the polzeath but our first family holiday was at a caravan park in Newquay.

I agree that Newquay itself isn't the nicest town I've ever visited the holiday itself was lovely. There are lots a lovely beaches around that area and some are quieter than others. The only day I wasn't keen on was when we popped into Newquay for some shopping on a day England was playing football (I guess that was our mistake though!)

I was disappointed that the caravan park stated no single sex groups in broucher but there were several when we arrived. But they never made enough noise to wake up ds who was 7 months at the time. We did say that although Newquay made a good base we would opt for Padstow or maybe Bude if went to Cornwall again so would happily book in that general area. I've only been to Padstow in the day and it is extremely busy but it doesn't strike mey as the sort of place for huge numbers of drunken teenagers.

We went to North Devon this year (Bideford) but had a drive to Padstow again as we had enjoyed our Cornwall holiday so much so can't have been that bad. We also laughed about how it is like a shift change at 5 or 6 pm with families packing up and surfers hitting the beach!

I'm sure you'll have a great time. I came back from Devon wanting to pack up my life and move there for good!

feedthegoat Tue 28-Jul-09 22:04:59

blushI've just read this back and noticed all the spelling/typing errors. I really need to slow down and type at a speed I can actually manage!

melmog Wed 29-Jul-09 06:46:51

Well, it's always been very quiet and lovely whenever we've been. We stay in one of the houses on the cliff though, so maybe it's noisier elsewhere? We're off there the week after next again so will let you know!

I agree, Padstow is lovely but SO busy.

Drayford Thu 30-Jul-09 00:39:30

When are you going?? Polzeath and Rock tend to get full in early July with hard partying public school kids, but August is much nicer. Don't believe all the bad press you read!

While you are visiting, be sure to visit Port Isaac and Port Quin - both places very quiet and lovely (particularly P Quin - the only place I ever snorkel in the UK!)

Also - Tintagel is worth a visit, particularly if you have DC who are fond of castles and King Arthur.

Hope you have a good holiday......

Drayford Thu 30-Jul-09 00:40:39

PS: Padstow is very nice for shopping (probably without DC)

JoesMummy09 Thu 30-Jul-09 00:55:57

Ooh I just posted on another thread about this area. My MIL lives there and we've stayed a couple of times as a family (with her and in rentals... but not yet in her rental).

Polzeath can be a bit of a party place for teenagers... but not all year round. When are you going?

There is a lovely beach not far from Polzeath, Daymer Bay. It has a curfew to prevent the kind of problem you're worried about so even if you are going in school holidays you can escape the drunken teenagers.

MIL lives just up the hill from Polzeath but it is a different world. It takes 10 mins to walk it but is just so completely different.

Polzeath has a nice sandy beach, as does Daymer Bay but it is about 30 mins walk from Polzeath - but it does have a car park if you're driving. There are shingley beaches with rock pools down the cliff paths at Greenaway (pronounced Gren-a-way) which are only about 10 mins walk from Polzeath.

Top tip - avoid the caravans. That's where the kids hang out.

Get the ferry from Rock to Padstow. Is much more fun than the long drive and get fish and chips at Rick Stein's if you're on a budget (still pricey but not as bad as the cafe and restaurant).

JoesMummy09 Thu 30-Jul-09 00:58:09

Oh and on a Tuesday evening St Miniver brass band play at 7pm in the centre... so not exactly sex, drugs and rock & roll!

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