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First timer going to Eurocamp with DDs 6 and 3 - what extra stuff do I need to take?

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HandbagAddiction Mon 27-Jul-09 09:07:49

Title says it all really and apologies if this has been done to death - but, we're off to France in 10 days and will be staying on a Eurocamp site. We've got a 3-bed caravan with a deck...but any useful himts and tips on extra to take to make the stay easier / more comfortable would be great.

racmac Mon 27-Jul-09 09:39:01

Bedding - sheet for bed and top sheet to put blankets on top.

Has caravan got CD player - take some CD's

Take small thing of washing up liquid, tea towels, towels, sugar, salt, pepper etc - toilet roll, kitchen roll etc

I always take a mat to put outside shower as bathroom floor can get quite wet and slippery.

Food - i always take few tins of stuff - baked beans, spaghetti, noodles, pasta and sauce in case nothing suitable in shop on first day.

Remember if you arrive on a Sunday that most of the fuel stations are shut! Dont get caught without petrol.

For the kids - i always take few books, few toys, football etc - swimming stuff, sandals that easy to get on and off as you have to take them off at edge of swimming pools. Beach towels. Calpol just in case

PErhaps some washing powder if you want to wash some stuff through in one of the washing machines.

We take cooler box in car and fill with sandwiches and snacks for journey and then we have cooler box for picnics etc

Which site are you going to?

SummerLightning Mon 27-Jul-09 09:42:23

I am sure you have this but for some reason every time I go camping I forget torches!! Head torches are handy too.

Also flip flops or waterproof shoes (eg crocs) handy for showers then you don't have to faff with drying your feet and worrying about getting wet socks when you get out.

HandbagAddiction Mon 27-Jul-09 11:58:03

Great tips - thank for those. We're going to Les Biches in St. Hilaire de Riez - Vendee region.

Anymore useful tips ladies?

racmac Mon 27-Jul-09 13:00:06

I found the grass at the sites not particularly good - ie bit more mud than grass! Would suggest picnic blanket if wanting to sit on the grass.

Visit Le Poy du Fou (might have spelt that wrong) you should get a voucher from Eurocamp - defo worth a visit.

Think there was a good water park as well nearby but cant remember what it was called - it if comes to me i will let you know

bottletopbill Mon 27-Jul-09 15:08:50

Handbag - How many of you are going just wondering as youve gone for the 3 bed? sounds great We were thinking of doing this.

Where do you live, where are you travelling from?

LIZS Mon 27-Jul-09 15:26:48

Agree with Puy du Fou although it is quite a long drive, pick a day with longer opening hours and fireworks. St Gilles Croix de Vie is lovely to walk around in the evening and have dinner by the waterfront. There is a nice tree climbing place with other attractions like mini golf in the forest just outside St Jean de Monts ([[ Arbre et Aventure) as the one more local to St Hilaire (Feeling Forest) only has routes for over 6's.

Take a sharp knife, cool box/bag and picnicware.

HandbagAddiction Mon 27-Jul-09 17:14:11

Bottletopbill - there are only 4 of us going. We booked it quite late so didn't have too much to choose from and decided it was worth splashing out the extra for more space and a deck rather than going for the cheaper options. We'll use the extra bedroom for storage....... Travelling from Guildford, so it's only 45mins down to Portsmouth so ideal.

Great tips so far from everyone. Please add more if anyone has any further advice.....

BadgersArse Mon 27-Jul-09 17:32:53

i always take a frying pan, sharp large knife and a bath mat

BadgersArse Mon 27-Jul-09 17:33:43

oh pegs

HandbagAddiction Tue 28-Jul-09 08:37:44

Oh gosh - pegs - there is no way I would have thought of packnig those! Thank you!

What about the towel situation. Will be taking beach / pool towels but do I need extra for 'at home' ?

Are there also sufficient blankets for night time if it gets cool?

crockydoodle Tue 28-Jul-09 08:58:38

Take a roll of bin bags. A pack of anti-bac cleaning wipes are useful. Paper plates are handy to cut down on washing up.
And kitchen roll and some toilet rolls.
We were camping in Brittany a month ago and were glad of basic groceries we had brought from home such as tea bags, sugar, baked beans, etc.
Much cheaper than in France.
If you need pull up pants at night for the little one they were easily double the price in France so bring some with you.

fishie Tue 28-Jul-09 09:10:26

salt and pepper

i love buying foreign bin bags etc. french washing up liquid is great and they also are fortunate to have poncy persil

ChopsTheDuck Tue 28-Jul-09 09:17:51

When we went I was shocked to find NO TV! It completely threw me as it normally keeps the kids quiet while we are getting ready in the mornings. I'd pack a laptop and some dvds. I also have a little cheap idock with a european plug on it that I use on holidays.

The eurocamps we went to had table tennis tables too, so would pack paddles and balls.

BadgersArse Tue 28-Jul-09 10:12:28

yes table tenis bats isa good one

poncy persil - please explain

fishie Tue 28-Jul-09 10:22:50

ici almond washing powder, they have a lavender one as well.

alas this year i am going to wales do not think they have any indigenous cleaning products worth exporting.

Tortington Tue 28-Jul-09 10:26:11

tea towel - dont want to wash you pots with a beach towel

also take scourer and kitchen cleaner - if you have half a bottle - pointless paying camsite prices

BadgersArse Tue 28-Jul-09 16:45:51

agree re scourer deffo yes.
adn bleach for ahem the loo

GrapefruitMoon Wed 29-Jul-09 10:09:22

If you have to clean the mobile home before you check out, take a pack of floor wipes.

Candles are nice if you sit out on your deck in the evening. I'm taking a tin opener this year as the one last year was hard to use.

I'm taking sleeping bags for the kids as I don't have any top sheets for single beds, so saves me buying them. Check what shape pillows they provide - the square french ones are a bugger to get into "normal" pillowcases.

ljb11 Wed 29-Jul-09 20:37:57

Scooters (at least for the 6yo) if you have room.
I usually put a few ikea plastic plates in the coolbag for picnics and take a few small boxes/bowls with lids for picnic stuff.
I would never be without my small radio, have got BBC in Vendee, esp at night.
Puy de Fou fab, do not miss.
I often take playdough/plasticine.
Glowsticks (ebay) will make your kids v. popular if you buy a pack of 100 & hand a few out at night.
I normally make a shepherds pie, freeze it and a few ready meals (esp curry) put it all in the same coolbag and then you've got a good meal when you get there.

GrapefruitMoon Thu 30-Jul-09 07:31:07

That's a good idea to freeze a meal and take it with you.

And must remember the scooter for ds2 - we hired bikes for the older ones last year and he was moaning that he didn't have a vehicle!

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