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Interested to find out - to those of you that are booking The Sun £9.50 holidays........

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Sparkler Fri 24-Jul-09 23:07:58

The booking form requests that you put down 5 dates although between Septmember and November there is only one week of school holidays. Surely everyone will request this date but not everyone will get it. Would you/do you take your children out of school for this break?
I started collecting the tokens and then realised that there was a pretty good chance it would fall in term time so decided not to carry on.

saggyhairyarse Fri 24-Jul-09 23:16:06

I've booked mine!

We are going at the end of September and will take the children out of school for 1.5 days.

My kids aren't off sick alot and we take our family holiday in August so in the whole scheme of things I think it is fine.

Sparkler Sat 25-Jul-09 10:06:22

Thanks. Was just really interested to hear what people are doing. There's going to be a lot of children taking time out of school isn't there? 1.5 days isn't so bad.

Sparkler Sat 25-Jul-09 12:46:31

Either nobody is doing this holiday or they just don't want to own up to buying something such as The Sun newspaper!! grin grin grin

FritesMenthe Sat 25-Jul-09 19:09:15

I have a weekend booked, but will come home on Sunday night, as school term starts on the Monday.

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