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Advice needed! Going to Stoupa (Greece) next week

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Merlot Sun 22-May-05 09:38:38

Will I be able to buy large nappies (size 5) plus baby food out there - ds2 does not finger feed?

Dont really want to pack our suitcases full of food and nappies!

What is Greece like for this - all advice appreciated

Fran1 Sun 22-May-05 09:58:51

Travel Agents are good to answer all these sort of questions, or if you can get an email address for the hotel you are staying in they will have local knowledge of shops etc.

Greece is lovely, very friendly. I havn't stayed there with children though, but i'm sure you'd be able to buy nappies and babyfood.

How old is your ds?

Can he not have mashed up versions of what you eat?

This is what dd had when we took her abroad at 9mths. I bought a few babyjars in the local shop just in case she didn't eat our meals, and they were also useful at lunchtimes if we were just having a sandwich.

You may find it encourages his finger food, DD just enjoyed tasting everything when we were away, particularly at the buffet breakfasts where she could enjoy cereals, breads and loads of fresh fruit. I think the attractive displays of food were encouraging her to try anything!

Have a lovely holiday!!

Merlot Sun 22-May-05 10:15:09

Thanks Fran1

Should have said, ds2 is 20 months but developmentally delayed (like a 10 month old in lots of ways) and ther are issues with finger food and textures etc..

At home, I normally blend the meals we have and will be taking the blender for when we self cater, but just wanted to know how easy it is to get jars (as a fall back and as a fail safe for when we eat out).

We went to Greece when my ds1 was 3, but we didnt have these issues and I took nappies just for night time, so hardly had to take any.

Good idea about contacting the Holiday Company though, although they haven't been over helpful up till now

GRMUM Sun 22-May-05 10:51:49

IHi Merlot as you probably know I'm in Greece. I think Stoupa is in the peloponese? You can get jars of baby food out here but the truth is Greek mothers do not use them much. The choice if you find them will be limited. You will find them in big supermarkets and if it is a touristy area where you are going they probably will have some in the local supermarkets.They use a lot of powdered mixes here that you mix with water but mainly sweet ones and again not a huge variety. You're best bet is to bring a blender as you say - don"t forget a plug adaptor for it. Nappies should be no problem at all. Anything else just ask. Otherwise have a great time! Weather is lovely at the moment and the Greeks are over the moon that UK gave us 12 points in the eurovision last night so you'll probably get comments about that!

Merlot Sun 22-May-05 11:51:05

LOL at the Eurovision Grmum Nice to know we'll get a good reception as a result

Thanks for the tips - best thing, as you say, is to make sure I've got my blender - some containers to decant to and the relevant adaptor

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