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Need All The Help I Can Get!

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LS85 Thu 23-Jul-09 21:36:47

Hello all, I will be flying for the first time with our son- will be 18 months old in October when we fly- to South Africa, we're going via far east so journey will be 24 hours long, leaving at 5am with a 3 hour stop over between 7pm and 10pm and arriving at 5am next morning. My husband will be with me, but I will have to bear the brunt of all practical/logistical/organisaional/entertainment issues.
I have too many questions to ask- also concerned about how we may be received by cabin staff, are they helpful?!
I have zero experience in this area- ANY ADVICE WELCOME!

Mumof4Monsters Fri 24-Jul-09 13:36:33

Hi there, not sure how much help i'll be, my baby was 3 mths when we flew to florida (hol booked for 2 years & baby not planned!). Obv the flight quite abit shorter & due to age he slept most of the time making journey fairly easy. We flew with Virgin & they were fantastic, we have 3 older children as well (8,12 & 14 when flew) 1 of whom has special needs.
Best thing i can suggest is to ring your airline well before you go & ask lots of questions. Thats what i did & checked what they provided & what i needed to take etc, you might find you can go thru a quick que due to his age. Sorry it's not much, hope you have a great time.

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