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Anyone stayed at Fowey Hall this year? How was it?

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titferbrains Wed 22-Jul-09 20:07:54

Trying to find somewhere nice to stay after having to cancel earlier holiday due to daughter's illness. Have posted on chat as well.

Trip advisor has mixed reviews of F. Hall but me and DH like the idea of being in Cornwall and being able to wander about, beaches, ice cream etc. But we want to be in a really nice hotel. DD is 10mo, not crawling.

Did you have a good experience there?

poshtottie Wed 22-Jul-09 20:44:05

Friends have just come back and really enjoyed it.

We have stayed at Bedruthan Steps hotel which is overlooking the beach and had a lovely holiday. It has babysitters, creche and indoor pool.

Other hotels are Watergate Bay, The lugger and Driftwood.

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