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Travelling with a baby to cold climate - ADVICE???

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TheBoosh Tue 21-Jul-09 16:53:56

I'm due any day now (well, in theory it was yesterday, but hey ho!) and we are trying to arrange a trip to Vienna in late November with our baby. Any advice anyone can give about what to pack for cold weather with a newborn would be gratefully received. Oh and any tips on flying with a newborn too!


LIZS Wed 22-Jul-09 16:42:33

Layers you can remove when you go inside, all in one fleece suit and snowsuit for when you are outside for a prolonged period over cotton vest/long sleeved top/leggings (or tights). Hat, mittens and thick socks. It is perfecly acceptabel for baby-preschoolers to be stripped to long cotton underlayers/tights indoors.

A sling mught be snugger than a pushchair although you can use the rainshield as a wind/chill guard. We had a lambskin footmuff on ours. August-born dd survived a Swiss winter happily.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Wed 22-Jul-09 16:48:31

I took DS to France in November last year, and it's his first birthday tomorrow so very similar timings to you

I took mostly short and long-sleeved vests and sleepsuits because they can't come apart in the middle and let the draughts in.

If you have a girl it's easier than with boys I think - very hard to get trousers with feet attached for boys and at that age it's a nightmare getting them to keep socks or booties on.

You definitely want to be able to strip off some layers indoors easily - I found a loose tank-top was perfect as a top layer because you can get it on and off them while they are asleep!

sunnydelight Thu 23-Jul-09 02:41:52

Remember, countries that get very cold are generally geared up to that. We were surprised when we took DS1 (then 5 months) to Denmark at New Year that the indoor temperature in many houses meant that we all needed to strip to t-shirts as soon as we got in as the heating was so efficient. I ended up more worried about overheating than how to keep DS1 warm outside.

As others have said, layers are the way to go with a nice thick snowsuit, and hat of course, for when you are out and about. Use a sling to keep the baby snug as well. With flying I've always found the younger the better, just make sure that if you're not bf or giving the baby a dummy you have a bottle ready to be sucked on at takeoff and landing.

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