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please advise - a place in west. Ireland

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Frenchy72 Fri 20-May-05 12:02:44

Hi! I am travelling to Ireland in October with my ds and a friend. we would like to drive north to south following western coast. which towns/places are worth seeing? many thanks!

flea Fri 20-May-05 12:31:21

Depends where in the North you start - do you know?
On the west coast
Sligo - Sligo Town and just outside to Drumfin(?) where YEats is buried
Mayo - Westport is very pretty/ Achill beatutiful in a wild and windy kind of way
From May drive via the backroads via Leenanae to Conemara and Galway (Leenane was where The Field was filmed) - very beatutiful - drive between mountains. Galway city is a lovely city and lots to eat and see and do.
Clare - Cliffs of Moher/The Burren
Kerry - Kenmare and many other places - hopefully someone else will chip in at this pint cos I am not so good on the South of Ireland.

noddyholder Fri 20-May-05 12:32:11

donegal is lovely I grew up in Portstewart and that is very nice too lots to do there

flea Fri 20-May-05 12:36:29

oops - typo heaven - From May should read from Mayo/ Leenanae should be Leenane. And Drumfin should say Drumcliff
- but you get the idea!

fireflyfairy2 Fri 20-May-05 12:38:04

noddy!! really?? Im about 10 miles from there!!!!!

Westport IS beautiful, we went there last summer..and galway is my favourite place in the whole world! South..Bundoran? Suppose thats the Souths alternative to Portstewart! It's a seaside place, although almost full of penny arcades! Theres a funfair there too. Donegal is very scenic, but not much to do...
Dublin is huge, if you go there you could go and see the book of Kells.

hermykne Fri 20-May-05 12:39:27

from galway - BALLYVAUGHAN thru the burren

from limerick - adare,

in kerry i would pick waterville on the coast as my destination coming south and into sneem and then into kenmare

then thru bantry on to skulland into skibberean, plenty to see there too.

terrible roads though!

noddyholder Fri 20-May-05 12:41:21

quick hijack fff2 I went to school in coleraine have lived here for 25 yrs now

sorrel Fri 20-May-05 12:47:19

From Killarney drive the Ring of kerry-stunning scenery delightful,beaches etc.Caherdaniel is tiny but perfectly formed and has a good pub with food called The Blind Piper. Also fab beach.
Between Sligo and Westport is Enniscrone which has an Edwardian Seaweed Bath house which is fantastic. The local seaweed is put into steaming hot seawater baths in private rooms and is so moisturising and wonderful you wouldn't believe it!
Drive from Westport to Clifden via Leenane. Superb drive.Some great restaurants in Clifden.
By the way hope you have lots of time for this trip as it will take three times longer than you expect because of the roads and wanting to stop a lot!!

fireflyfairy2 Fri 20-May-05 12:55:19

If you have ever driven from Coleraine to Ballymoney then you've passed my house

where do you live now noddy?

And i second the need for plenty of time!! The views are breathtaking!

noddyholder Fri 20-May-05 12:57:25

I have often driven up that road I live in brighton now Agree with everyone that it is a stunning place to visit but you do need time The food over there is excellent too and the restaurants/pubs are very child friendly

flea Fri 20-May-05 13:58:36

Not so Child Friendly anymore : In October all children will have to be off the premises by 9pm - that includes Hotel Bars.

sorrel Fri 20-May-05 14:07:35

Flea we got caught out with that last summer. I had visions of us all being in the pub listening to music until 11pm ( with older kids), thinking great it won;t be smoky because of the new laws. Well, we were asked to leave at 8.55 every night. It completely ruined the holiday as from 9pm we were stuck in our tiny caravan with nowhere to go in the rain. This was way out in the wild west, so you'd have thought they'd have been a bit lenient.

Frenchy72 Sun 22-May-05 13:39:07

great - thanks for the tips. I will remember that the pub don't accept children after 8:00pm, ouch, and that the roads are slow! and have noted down all the places to stop. Many indeed!!!10 days will never be enough

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