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sleeping dilemma for 19 month old

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ja26 Thu 16-Jul-09 10:24:42

We are taking my little boy on holiday in Sept and he will be 19 months old by then. He is currently still in a cot, so we planned on taking his travel cot with us (assuming he still fits in it! )Have just found out that there will be no room in the bedrooms for a travel cot (its one of those static home type things in a holiday park), so options are to put travel cot in lounge - which will be no good as thats where we will be when he goes to bed and would keep him awake.
Was thinking that can either put cot in hallway type thing (assuming there is one) till we go to bed - then move it to lounge. HAs anyone ever stayed in one of these homes and if so is a travel cot likely to fit??
I am thinking other option (which I am not so keen on) is to put him in one of the single beds in the bedroom, and to buy one of those bedguard things to hopefully stop him falling out - he moves round so so much in his cot - have been dreading the day that we have to buy his first bed! and maybe put duvets all around bed too in case he still manages to escape !
Does anyone have any experience of either the above, and if so please advise! Are bed guards easy to fit too and would they take up a lot of room in our car (along with all the other baby paraphanelia we will alreaady have to pack!)

Have also been advised about a ready bed - would that be safe to put on top of 2 twin beds pushed together???

Sorry for rambling on but 1st proper holiday and panicking a bit!

kiwiinlondon Thu 16-Jul-09 10:31:17

In similar type of accommodation we have put our little man down in the bedroom in the evening, while we hang out in the lounge, and then gently (!) move the cot back into the lounge when we want to go to bed. he sometimes stirs, but has never woken up when we have done this and it has worked fine.

good luck and happy holidays!

Besom Thu 16-Jul-09 10:31:31

Can they put one of the twin beds on top of the other so there is space for the cot? We're going in a caravan in Sept and this is what the park have said they usually do. However, I seem to remember that there were some of the caravans in which this was not possible so it affected which one we booked.

mrsjammi Thu 16-Jul-09 10:32:11

Message withdrawn

Besom Thu 16-Jul-09 10:32:54

Sorry, there must be only one bedroom is there? Just ignore me. The caravan we're going in has a twin and a double room.

ja26 Thu 16-Jul-09 11:16:30

thanks for your replies! From what I gather, the rooms are small - so no room for cot on floor in them if you se what I mean. Think my other half did ask about a bed being moved out but was told not possible - hence me now thinking of the ready bed on top of a bed option!

It will teach me to leave booking a holiday till the last minute and not having ideal sleeping options available!

If the double room that we will have has room I suppose we can put cot there and move to lounge when time for us to crash out!

mrsjammi Thu 16-Jul-09 12:05:54

Message withdrawn

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