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Any good ideas for baby friendly accommodation in Koh Samui, Thailand?

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kiwiinlondon Wed 15-Jul-09 22:13:53

Hi there - my husband and I are planning to have some time in Koh Samui, Thailand, en route to Australia in October this year. Our little man will be 18 months old by then and we are keen to get apartment style accommodation where we have some cooking facilities as well as a separated area (preferably a separate room) for him to sleep (so that we all don't have to go sleepy time at 7pm!). We are struggling to find anything that looks like this online - they all look beautiful but are generally v open planned villas on offer which wouldn't really work as well in practice. Ideas/suggestions would be much appreciated!

Wanna Samui villas were gorgeous when I stayed in them, but that was 10 years ago! They have 2 bedrooms, don't think there are cooking facilities though.

However the complex is small and in the middle of the courtyard is a fab restaurant. If you asked for a villa near the restaurant you would be able to see your front door, my villa was literally 20 steps from the restaurant (which has no walls, so great visability) - so quite safe. Also I'm sure they'd let you take your food to your villa. Food was great and cheap. Best food I've ever eaten.

Its in a very quiet part of Samui. You'd need a private taxi or hire a jeep to get to and from Lamai/ rest of the island, etc if you wanted to explore. Though they will do airport runs and I think they also do fairly regular shuttle runs into Lamai. But its not on the "jeep bus" routes as off the main road.

kiwibella Wed 15-Jul-09 23:39:20

kiwiinlondon grin... I don't actually have any advice! We went to Koh Samui for our honeymoon - without kids - and loved it. We stayed in a resort but I was overwhelmed by the service and care the staff gave us.

rosbif Wed 12-Aug-09 01:28:09

We are staying later this week at Villa Tanamera, I can feedback you to when we get back if you like. This is in a busier part of Koh Samui and has separate bedrooms

eclairea Thu 20-Aug-09 15:31:42

We stayed at the Bandara resort with our 6 month old but just in a room, not a villa. They do have babysitting if you feel you could leave him? Perhaps check with the hotel what age they would babysit from. We took out son out in a buggy (sometimes sleeping, sometimes not) for dinner and found lots of the restaurant staff happy to hold him, push the buggy etc.

TheNewtons Tue 08-Sep-09 19:47:47

How did you find the heat for the little one? We're thinking of going to Phuket in April with an 18 month old and a 4 year old. We've been to Thailand before, but not with kids. The hotel we're planning to stay in a good one, but a little apprehensive of getting there and not relaxing because we'd be stressing about the kids being OK..

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