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where shall i go?

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KathH Thu 19-May-05 18:38:40

Sad but i'm booking next years holiday. Kids ages will be 13, 9,7 and 1 1/2. Have done Spain and the Canaries and Majorca etc and fancy somewhere completey different for next May. Quite fancy Turkey or Cyprus - any thoughts?

copycat Fri 20-May-05 09:53:50

Hi Kath,
Just mentioned this place on another thread, but it is wonderful and your kids will love it Lykia World in Turkey. Personally I much, much prefer Turkey (have been three times) to Cyprus (twice). Cyprus is much more 'English' IYKWIM. Lykia World is one of only two hotels I would return to (and I've been blessed enough to travel fairly extensively) but it is expensive for a Mediterranean hotel. It's Full Board (wine and beer included at meals, SUPERB food) and there are family suites with two separate bedrooms sharing a bathroom - not sure if they might only sleep a maximum of 5 though. Most tour UK operators feature it but you might find it cheaper to book flights and accommodation separately. There's a great on-site Waterpark (for guests only) as well as a baby club and teen club.
Otherwise what about somewhere like Italy or Jersey or Greece of course. Egypt is a great place to get a cheapish holiday at the moment and that's only a 4/5 hour flight same as Turkey. Loads of family hotels in Sharm el Sheikh. Check out The Grand Azure it's getting rave reviews at the moment on the holidaytruths website.It's an All Inclusive hotel and has waterslides and kids club. First Choice and My Travel definitely feature it or again you could book flights and hotel separately.
You're right to book next years holiday now. I always leave it too late and the flights get booked. When you are limited to school holiday times my experience is that the cost only goes up if you book late.

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