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Megatrain and pushchairs, any experience?

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CherryChoc Tue 14-Jul-09 09:40:38

We are hoping to go away at the end of August/beginning of September. It will be me, DP and DS (who will be 11mo) and some friends and their DS who will be 9mo. We are going to book through Megatrain, and I was thinking it would be much easier if we can take the babies on in their pushchairs. I was assuming that it would be like a normal train carriage and that we could sit near the doors and put the buggies by the doors where there is a bigger area, but DP and his friend are both thinking we are more likely to have to fold them up, which is going to make things a bit more difficult with carrying bags, travel cots etc not to mention two babies. (Though I think I will take DS' sling as well).

Also it says on the website you need to be at the station 10 minutes before departure, I was hoping to be anyway, but we have got a change on the way home which involves a 10 minute tube journey and we only have 20 minutes to change trains - is it doable?

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