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Holiday for 16 year old girl

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IgorStrav Thu 09-Jul-09 22:55:34

Hi all

My daughter has been invited to go to Turkey next summer with some schoolfriends in a big group. The adults taking them are the parents of one of her schoolfriends, and also have several younger children. I know from experience that they will not take great care of the older girls.

The resort has some good and some bad reviews - and the whole thing will cost £650, which is a lot of money if it doesn't work out well.

So, my question is - what other exciting holidays could a 16 year old do, on her own or with friends, which could be an alternative?

Any suggestions? Or comments on the Turkish holiday?

thank you!

claricebeansmum Fri 10-Jul-09 17:35:10

I suppose there are several issues here:

A year away - she is going to be alot more mature (and legal age of consent grinwink)

Will she need looking after?

What role are the parents playing?

What is it you don't like - her being without you, being on her own, the group she is going with, the resort could be a waste of money etc

TBH I would hold off making a decision for next summer now - friendships can be made or broken in a year etc. I would recommend she going inter-railing with a girlfriend - makes you grow up fast and have a lot of fun.

Rindercella Fri 10-Jul-09 17:43:57

Agree with Clarice - a year is a long way off so hold off making any decisions just yet. I would be quite wary though that she may end up being a free babysitter for the younger children. But then I am in a particularly cynical mood today.

I personally think that 16 is still quite young to be going abroad/inter-railing with friends. Perhaps better wait until she's 18? Will you be able to take her & a friend of hers somewhere else next year instead?

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