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Puerto Pollensa- which hotel? (Miramar/Playa Mar/Puerto Azul/Duva/Flora)

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saladodger Mon 06-Jul-09 19:37:34

(I've put this in the Shorthaul section too for max responses)

These are the hotels which are coming up as available in September. We want a package (3/4 star), me, DH and DD (age 4). Has anyone been to any of these? Not too bothered about entertainment, priorities are nice high standard accommodation, near to pine walk/ good beaches, etc. If you went, did you do half board (not something I'd normally do but what with exchange rate being bad would be ok to have some meals in hotel), if so was food any good?

Thank you!!

tinatutor Mon 06-Jul-09 20:24:32

We went to Flora apartments last year, was really nice and would recommend it. Short walk to pine walk, lovely pool, not much going on at night but they have occasional pool parties for little kids for an hour during the day. Lovely accom.

We went self catering so don't know about food, had a nice breakfast and some nice chips and burgers by the bar though!

Puerto Pollensa is lvoely!

Ruthiebabes Tue 07-Jul-09 13:53:35

Have a look at the discussion forum on

We went for first time last year and loved it. If you look at the above website you can find accommodation reviews.. there is a current discussion on Duva and Oro Playa. Flora and Oro Playa are in a great location, Duva much further out.

Georgelassosthemoon Tue 07-Jul-09 18:19:02

We stayed in the Duva about 6 years ago and the accommodation was nice but a long trek to the town/beach/pine walk along a busy road with no pavements and poor lighting at night (might have been improved now). Also there was a small shallow pool for very small children but the main pool was at least 4 feet deep (bit too deep for DCs who could swim but liked to be able to touch the bottom of the pool).

saladodger Wed 08-Jul-09 14:09:24

Great, thanks everyone.

tab Wed 15-Jul-09 23:09:54

Hi Sala dodger - sorry if you've already booked now. I love Puerto Pollensa - have been three times. lovely resort not tacky. If you havent already booked I'd recommend the Puerto azul. Its a smallish hotel but with good pool and kids club and its really central. the Playa mar is much bigger and a real long walk (albeit along the pine walk but a good 15-20 mins) in the heat. I preferred the puerto azul. Also I you get good facilities in the room for cooking/preparing food even if you're not self catering.

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