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Can anyone tell me how one would travel from London to Cherbourg?

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Earlybird Mon 06-Jul-09 18:08:52

Presumably you'd take the train from London to (to where? Plymouth?) and then a ferry?

How long is the ferry journey? Is it possible to do the ferry journey overnight in a sleeper cabin - or too uncomfortable/expensive? How much total time (approximately) in transit?

Any details would be appreciated (such as where I might look at train and ferry schedules). I am inclined to think it would be a logistical challenge....but maybe someone has information that will make it seem easier!

JesuslovesCatholicSchools Mon 06-Jul-09 18:11:29

poole to cherbourg Classic Cruise: 4 ½ hours (day);
6 ½ hours (overnight)
High Speed: 2 ¼ hours

CountessDracula Mon 06-Jul-09 18:13:31

No no no
Portsmouth is much much closer to London and it is a 3hr crossing

Simples Mon 06-Jul-09 18:14:11

LOl at you being so dim.

on a train?
on the internet?

Simples Mon 06-Jul-09 18:14:40

I presume you are either forrin or a Londoner to think PLymouth is a good idea

Earlybird Mon 06-Jul-09 18:14:46

That's a great start - thanks very much.

Now - do you know what train line would I take from London to Poole?

Is Cherbourg charming or interesting, in any way?

CountessDracula Mon 06-Jul-09 18:15:06

why would it be a logistical challenge to get a ferry??

CountessDracula Mon 06-Jul-09 18:15:35

Trains to both Poole and Pompey go from Waterloo

Simples Mon 06-Jul-09 18:15:40

Is there something missing in your head EB?grin

Earlybird Mon 06-Jul-09 18:16:15

London sailing friend suggested Portsmouth....

CountessDracula Mon 06-Jul-09 18:17:00

I think cherbourg is ok but not a destination
Are you going there en route to somewhere eles?

Earlybird Mon 06-Jul-09 18:17:10

Simples - yes, something definitely missing! Maybe I should change name to 'dimbird'!? Thanks for your help.

CountessDracula Mon 06-Jul-09 18:17:27

As did I
have you been drinking? hmm

Simples Mon 06-Jul-09 18:17:54

you are making me roar
I would laugh about you on msn with cd but she aint on it

so haha
you are funny.

Simples Mon 06-Jul-09 18:18:47

we do the cherbourg thing regularly .
There is a vomit comet from POole ( a small english coastal town on the periphary of BOURnmouth) that goes at 7 am, or somesuch and it pretty fast

Earlybird Mon 06-Jul-09 18:21:37

CD - friends keep their boat near Plymouth and are sailing across the Channel in a few weeks.

They are proposing that dd and I take train and then ferry to join them in Cherbourg. We'd then get on their boat and go along the French coast a bit, and dock somewhere (not sure where) so the dc can do some sort of children's sailing school for a few days.

Just trying to figure out if London - France logistics make this idea inconvenient and unappealing.

CountessDracula Mon 06-Jul-09 18:22:18

I have a better idea

Train to Fishguard and get the ferry to Rosslare then get the ferry from there to Cherbourg

Simples Mon 06-Jul-09 18:22:32

cherbourg does smell of piss ime

even ds1 noticed

Earlybird Mon 06-Jul-09 18:23:57

logistical issue was relating to whether or not train station was near ferry station.

Earlybird Mon 06-Jul-09 18:25:21

simple - yuch. Hope you're joking....

As you all can see, am a ferry novice.

Simples Mon 06-Jul-09 18:25:32

think taxi

<clutches side>

Earlybird Mon 06-Jul-09 18:34:17

CD - rough travel time estimate for route you suggest?

simples - of course taxi. What a great idea - do they have them there? wink

Am only trying to figure out travel times, transit arrangements/times, etc. so I know what to expect, and how much time to allow for each leg of the journey.

CountessDracula Mon 06-Jul-09 18:51:30

About 2 days I wousl say

Earlybird Mon 06-Jul-09 19:08:08

Thanks to those who gave useful advice.

I am 'forrin', as it happens, so what may seem obvious (and laughable) to some of you, is a genuine request for information.

I shall find out what I need to know elsewhere.

TabithaTwitchet Mon 06-Jul-09 19:56:10

Am I missing something as to why everyone is giving bizarre replies?

Travel from London Waterloo on Southwest trains to either Portsmouth Harbour or Poole (Portsmouth is nearer, but I think from Poole you can get a fast catamaran, so maybe better overall?) Some trains to Poole are incredibly slow, you might do better to change onto a fast service at Basingstoke. Neither station is at the ferry port, you'd have to get a taxi or bus from the station, but it isn't far in either case.

You might be able to get very cheap tickets to Portsmouth with Megatrain - South West trains service but you are restricted to a particular carriage.

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